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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ama & Alexa

Chris’ mom, Karen, (better known as Ama around these parts) paid us a visit in mid-June. I’m sad to say we didn’t take many pictures during her stay – we seemed to keep very busy – which happens with a 15-month-old running around. Chris finished up his summer school class while Ama and I managed to do some baking, strawberry freezer jam making, catching up and lots of playing with Alexa. Ama didn’t mind watching Alexa while I ran much needed errands and Chris projected around the house. We also enjoyed Alexa’s 1st dip in her little swimming pool and her 1st trip to the zoo (which I’ll post later). But perhaps the biggest blessing (for me at least) was her willingness to cook several dishes for us to enjoy now and later. Ama – I’m so, so grateful for your servant’s heart! We continue to benefit from your tasty and nutritious treats. What a blessing!! Alexa loves her Ama (and she missed her Opa)!! We look forward to seeing Ama, Opa, and Great-Grandma Rachel very soon.

Alexa and Ama at the OKC Zoo. I just love Alexa’s “cheese” smile.

Alexa and Ama “painting” the cement with water.

Ama took Alexa to the local park several times. Alexa loves to swing & slide.

I don’t think we need to worry about Alexa staying hydrated (see the 3 sippy cups).

“Cool . . . this is way more hair than Daddy has.”

A true expression of love & care = a full freezer of yummy meals. THANK YOU AMA!!

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