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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jeff’s Visit & Adventures in OKC

In mid-May, Jeff Gulden, Chris’ lifelong friend from California, visited our family on his way to NYC. The last time he visited Oklahoma was just a few days shy of Alexa’s arrival so it was special for him to see the result of my big belly from over a year ago. We had a wonderful time staying up late to catch up and laugh as well as do a bit of local sightseeing. Jeff, we’re so thankful you took the time to visit us and love on our little Alexa. We are praying you have a wonderful 1st semester of grad school at the University of Utah. Here’s a rundown of some of the places we visited during Jeff’s stay (Thanks for sharing your pics with us Jeff!) . . .

Our first stop was the Oklahoma Capitol. The House & Senate were actually in session so there was a lot of buzz and security inside. Apparently, we just missed Governor Mary Fallin – maybe next time.

Another view of the Capitol with a statue by Allan Houser – As Long as the Waters Flow. As evidenced by the flags, the wind definitely blows in OK.

Jeff, Alexa & Chris at the Capitol’s entrance.

US Road Trip_May 2011_134
Alexa could have gone up and down the steps all day. I’m not so sure about Daddy!

US Road Trip_May 2011_125
A nine foot tall replica of The Guardian by Enoch Kelly Haney. The actual statue, which is 22’ tall, stands proudly atop the Capitol’s dome. (Nice photo Jeff!)

We’re not so sure what Alexa is doing here but she seemed to like The Guardian.

Alexa didn’t get the memo that Governor Fallin had already left the building.

Alexa “cacking” at the ducks at the Bricktown Canal.

US Road Trip_May 2011_151
She also enjoyed feeding these ducks as much they enjoyed eating her Cheerios.

US Road Trip_May 2011_144
Chris and Jeff standing in front of the Oklahoma Land Run Centennial Monument near Bricktown (commemorating the historic land run of 1889). It was created by Paul Moore and is one of the world’s largest bronze sculptures including 38 people, 24 horses, 3 wagons, a buggy, a sulky, a dog, a rabbit and a cannon.

US Road Trip_May 2011_140
Another view of the Land Run Monument. You can see figures all the way to the right.

US Road Trip_May 2011_141
I love this shot Jeff took. It really captures the movement in the piece. It’s amazing to see in-person.

US Road Trip_May 2011_157
The day ended with a trip to the OKC National Memorial. It was a beautiful sunset.

Alexa avoiding the paparazzi. However, she can’t escape the wind.

US Road Trip_May 2011_162
These are beautiful images courtesy of Jeff. This is the reflecting pool.

US Road Trip_May 2011_169
The perspective of the reflecting pool from the other side of the Memorial with the lit chairs to the right representing those who died in the bombing.

US Road Trip_May 2011_174
The following day, we joined Chris on OU’s campus for lunch and a little walk. Alexa loves to walk on campus. A glimpse of Evan’s Hall (home of President Boren’s office).

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