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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Just because . . .

I’m sure there will be an occasional post where there’s really no reason for it – I just have a sweet picture to share I hope will make you smile. Seriously, how could you not fall in love with this precious girl!?
Alexa was all smiles for Daddy as she practiced sitting up. The girl loves her Daddy and the camera.

Friday, August 27, 2010


For the last week, Alexa has been going to sleep on her tummy all by herself. (It was Tuesday, August 17th to be exact . . . Mommy will never forget that day). Hooray!! It’s been so exciting for all of us since Alexa is sleeping much better (most days).
There is, however, a consequence for sleeping on your tummy. It’s called “handprint” face. And now, Alexa wakes up almost every time with a new imprint on her face. She doesn’t seem to mind the impressions – which does Mommy’s heart good.
Here’s another view of the cute design Alexa woke up with on her forehead. She looks like she got in a fight and didn’t win. Don’t you love her bed head?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Alexa Screams for a Night at the Museum

Last Thursday, Chris treated "Mommy and Alexa" to a night at the museum - the OKC Museum of Art to be exact. It was wonderful and much needed (at least for Mommy who loves culture and artsy stuff like that). It was the last week for the "Sketch to Screen - The Art of Hollywood Costume Design" exhibit that she had wanted to see since it came to OKC in May . . . and it didn't disappoint. She loved it!! It featured authentic costumes from movies such as Superman, Gladiator & Apollo 13 to Mamma Mia, An Affair to Remember & The King and I.

Mommy loved this exhibit and Daddy enjoyed Dale Chihuly's exhibit, "The Collection." Chiluly is a glass sculptor and has a phenomenal exhibit of hand-blown glass at the museum. It's a must-see. Here are a few pics of his work (We could take photos in this exhibit).


The piece in the background was a fishing boat imported from Finland teeming over with colorful hand-blown glass.


Daddy & Alexa on the 3rd floor overlooking Chihuly's fifty-five-foot Eleanor Blake Kirkpatrick Memorial Tower in the Museum’s atrium. It's amazing!

But perhaps the highlight of the evening was stopping to feed Alexa in the parking lot of Whataburger (talk about high culture) where Alexa let us know what she thought about her night at the museum. This is classic!! Unfortunately, this video is from our camera so it isn't as high of quality as we would wish. But you don't need to see it so much as hear it - just turn on your speakers, listen and enjoy :)

**Chris did take the liberty to edit this for your viewing pleasure.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Five Months Old & Growing . . .

Alexa turned five-months-old on Friday, August 13th . . . it's crazy, nothing bad happened - whew! This month provided many more opportunities for Alexa to develop and grow. We can't believe how much she is learning and changing.

Alexa can now roll from her back to her tummy. It's funny because she won't turn back over - although she learned that trick a couple of months ago. Here's a video Daddy captured of the day she learned  . . .

Here are some sweet pics of her practicing her new rolling over skill . . .

Look . . . I'm flying!!
Even I'm surprised to be on my tummy!
This is my stiff arm pose.

One of the challenges with Alexa's new skill of rolling over is that she doesn't like to be swaddled anymore and she rolls over in her crib during naps and just cries because she won't rest her head on the bed. It's been a challenge for both Alexa and Mommy & Daddy but we are sure she'll get the hang of it in time. Here's a sweet pic of her resting her head for the 1st time after rolling over - so we know she can do it! She's resting with Daddy while Mommy gets ready for church . . . and yes, Chris had shorts on :)
Aside from rolling over, Alexa can now play in her "borrowed but new to us" exersaucer. It's so cute, her feet barely touch the ground and her arms barely reach the toys but she LOVES it. She is really into patting everything from Mommy and her books to toys and the table. She's our lil' drummer girl.
Here's a video as well . . . don't feel compelled to watch the entire video.

Alexa is also learning to sit up unassisted. She still face plants a lot but it's fun to watch her try to keep her balance while leaning over for a toy. She is getting very good at picking up objects and transitioning them from hand to hand. She goes crazy with a rattle when she starts to shake it. She hits everything in her path - including her face.
 Look everyone!! I'm sitting up :)

She is also becoming quite vocal (we have a video to share with you in the next blog showcasing her lungs). In fact, she loves to scream at a dangerously high pitch. We may all have some hearing damage from her screaming antics. It makes taking her out a bit nerve wracking as we anticipate a shrill outburst at any time. However, it's so cute we don't stop her - yet. And, that's what a pacifier is for - right!? She also talks sweetly when she is less excited. Speaking of her mouth, she enjoys tasting everything even if it's gross. Her face is a clear indication of the tastiness factor. She is also a drool monster. We're definitely thankful for all the burp cloths we received as gifts.

Other than that, she enjoys reading and feeling her books - especially fur and flaps. She loves when Mommy sings and dances to James Brown's song, "I Feel Good" and "My Girl" by the Temptations. She loves napping during walks in her big girl stroller. All in all, life is very sweet with our precious five-month-old daughter. We couldn't be more blessed!!

Here are a few more five-month-old pics I just had to share.
Seriously Mom, do I have to wear the hat . . . I'm inside!!
I'm trying to sit up, but the blanket is so tasty.

Our Week in Big "D"

We had a wonderful time with my family at our annual summer get together in Dallas. Here is a pictorial review of the week . . . unfortunately, we didn't get a family shot. Somehow, we always seem to forget to do that - maybe next year!
Alexa is chilling in her swimsuit at Great Wolf Lodge (an indoor/outdoor waterpark resort) in Grapevine, TX. Our family spent two days there - it's a blast. Alexa didn't know what to think of her 1st time in the water. The water in the indoor park was pretty chilly and it made her cry. She was reluctant to put her feet into the water outside. We know that next year will be a lot more fun for her. She just practiced looking cute in her swimsuit this go around.
Alexa and her tan cousin, Rylen.
The kiddos (Rylen, Alexa & Layton) posing after their first day of swimming.
Mimi holding Alexa during one of her many naps at the park so Mommy could ride the slides. Thanks Mimi!!
Who cares about swimming when I can play with Uncle Mark's cap?
Oooohhhh . . . I like Aunt Hol's visor too.
Alexa got a chance to spend some extra time with another cousin, Rob. He joined us for an afternoon of lunch and chatting. It was great to catch up again.
I promised Hol she'd get a pic with Alexa this time. They definitely look related. (Nice drool on your shoulder - a staple if you're holding lil' sweet pea).
The day the rest of the family went to Six Flags. Mimi and I stayed home with Alexa. The heat index was 110 degrees outside so we waited until around 8:30pm to go for a walk. This is Alexa's first time sitting up in her big girl stroller. She seemed to enjoy it!
Playtime with Rylen.
A common sight on family vacations - Uncle Chris wrestling with Layton - who's winning?
Alexa loves to chomp on her rubbie ducky's bill. It's a great distraction when she watches us eat dinner. We, in turn, watch her eat her ducky.
This is a great shot Rylen took with our camera. . . . a photographer in the making.
This is Rylen and Layton posing with an empty barrel of cheese balls. It took about 3 1/2 days for them to disappear! When I asked Layton what his favorite part about Great Wolf Lodge was, he replied, "Eating cheese balls." Well said, Layton. Well said.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Mommy & Alexa at the Santa Fe Train Depot in Norman.

Alexa has become quite the traveler in her almost five months of life. She has made several trips to Dallas by car. She has flown to California and will soon fly to Colorado. And now, she can add train rides to her frequent traveler list. Last week, Alexa and I rode the Amtrak train to Dallas for our family's annual summer get-together (Chris joined us later as he had to stay home to take his summer school final - he got an "A" by the way).

It was a four hour trip as opposed to two and a half. We made four stops along the way and had a great time in our roomy coach. We even bought some tasty food from the refreshments counter. It is definitely a lot easier than flying. We simply boarded the train, gave the conductor our reservation number and paid by credit card as we coasted down the track. What a fun way to see the beauty of the land. We definitely hope to make the trip again - next time with Daddy . . . More pics from our time in Dallas coming soon!
We're both so excited to see the train chugging down the track.
This was all the luggage I took on the train - WHEW!! Luckily, one of the conductors checked the stroller and carseat for me.
Hooray . . . we're on!! Alexa is loving her first train ride . . . and the camera!

Dinner with the Gilchrists

It's been about three weeks but I had to share this sweet pic of our time with our dear friends, Steven & Ebony Gilchrist. They were back in town for a wedding and joined us for dinner. They've been gone for about a year now as they moved to Louisville, KY, so Steven could attend Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. They were a part of our IMPACT group, and through that community, they became a very special part of our lives. While in our group, Ebony accepted Christ as her personal Lord and Savior, and Steven (quite the Biblical scholar) would provide a "Big Hairy Question" for the group. His questions were always challenging.

Aside from IMPACT, we spent an evening every week simply praying for each other, our group, our church, and our friends. As I look back, it was such an encouraging and refining time in both of our lives. Chris and I miss those evenings the most. It was so wonderful to spend an evening with them again and catch up on our lives . . . just like old times.

We are so thankful for the Gilchrists and what they mean to us. We are also thankful the Lord saw fit to allow our paths to cross, even if for a short time, so we could experience a glimpse of what Luke penned in the Acts 2:42-47 passage, "They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to the fellowship, the breaking of bread and to prayer . . . All the believers were together and had everything in common." We love and miss you guys!!