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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Alexa Screams for a Night at the Museum

Last Thursday, Chris treated "Mommy and Alexa" to a night at the museum - the OKC Museum of Art to be exact. It was wonderful and much needed (at least for Mommy who loves culture and artsy stuff like that). It was the last week for the "Sketch to Screen - The Art of Hollywood Costume Design" exhibit that she had wanted to see since it came to OKC in May . . . and it didn't disappoint. She loved it!! It featured authentic costumes from movies such as Superman, Gladiator & Apollo 13 to Mamma Mia, An Affair to Remember & The King and I.

Mommy loved this exhibit and Daddy enjoyed Dale Chihuly's exhibit, "The Collection." Chiluly is a glass sculptor and has a phenomenal exhibit of hand-blown glass at the museum. It's a must-see. Here are a few pics of his work (We could take photos in this exhibit).


The piece in the background was a fishing boat imported from Finland teeming over with colorful hand-blown glass.


Daddy & Alexa on the 3rd floor overlooking Chihuly's fifty-five-foot Eleanor Blake Kirkpatrick Memorial Tower in the Museum’s atrium. It's amazing!

But perhaps the highlight of the evening was stopping to feed Alexa in the parking lot of Whataburger (talk about high culture) where Alexa let us know what she thought about her night at the museum. This is classic!! Unfortunately, this video is from our camera so it isn't as high of quality as we would wish. But you don't need to see it so much as hear it - just turn on your speakers, listen and enjoy :)

**Chris did take the liberty to edit this for your viewing pleasure.

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