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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Five Months Old & Growing . . .

Alexa turned five-months-old on Friday, August 13th . . . it's crazy, nothing bad happened - whew! This month provided many more opportunities for Alexa to develop and grow. We can't believe how much she is learning and changing.

Alexa can now roll from her back to her tummy. It's funny because she won't turn back over - although she learned that trick a couple of months ago. Here's a video Daddy captured of the day she learned  . . .

Here are some sweet pics of her practicing her new rolling over skill . . .

Look . . . I'm flying!!
Even I'm surprised to be on my tummy!
This is my stiff arm pose.

One of the challenges with Alexa's new skill of rolling over is that she doesn't like to be swaddled anymore and she rolls over in her crib during naps and just cries because she won't rest her head on the bed. It's been a challenge for both Alexa and Mommy & Daddy but we are sure she'll get the hang of it in time. Here's a sweet pic of her resting her head for the 1st time after rolling over - so we know she can do it! She's resting with Daddy while Mommy gets ready for church . . . and yes, Chris had shorts on :)
Aside from rolling over, Alexa can now play in her "borrowed but new to us" exersaucer. It's so cute, her feet barely touch the ground and her arms barely reach the toys but she LOVES it. She is really into patting everything from Mommy and her books to toys and the table. She's our lil' drummer girl.
Here's a video as well . . . don't feel compelled to watch the entire video.

Alexa is also learning to sit up unassisted. She still face plants a lot but it's fun to watch her try to keep her balance while leaning over for a toy. She is getting very good at picking up objects and transitioning them from hand to hand. She goes crazy with a rattle when she starts to shake it. She hits everything in her path - including her face.
 Look everyone!! I'm sitting up :)

She is also becoming quite vocal (we have a video to share with you in the next blog showcasing her lungs). In fact, she loves to scream at a dangerously high pitch. We may all have some hearing damage from her screaming antics. It makes taking her out a bit nerve wracking as we anticipate a shrill outburst at any time. However, it's so cute we don't stop her - yet. And, that's what a pacifier is for - right!? She also talks sweetly when she is less excited. Speaking of her mouth, she enjoys tasting everything even if it's gross. Her face is a clear indication of the tastiness factor. She is also a drool monster. We're definitely thankful for all the burp cloths we received as gifts.

Other than that, she enjoys reading and feeling her books - especially fur and flaps. She loves when Mommy sings and dances to James Brown's song, "I Feel Good" and "My Girl" by the Temptations. She loves napping during walks in her big girl stroller. All in all, life is very sweet with our precious five-month-old daughter. We couldn't be more blessed!!

Here are a few more five-month-old pics I just had to share.
Seriously Mom, do I have to wear the hat . . . I'm inside!!
I'm trying to sit up, but the blanket is so tasty.


  1. Kennedy loved the video of Alexa in the Intellitrainer - she danced and banged along with Alexa! She also is saying "hi!" to every picture. You've opened a new world of noisy fun for your home! It won't be long until you're singing "A, B, C, D, E, F, blue!".

  2. Oops, this is Joanna, not Aaron!