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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Mommy & Alexa at the Santa Fe Train Depot in Norman.

Alexa has become quite the traveler in her almost five months of life. She has made several trips to Dallas by car. She has flown to California and will soon fly to Colorado. And now, she can add train rides to her frequent traveler list. Last week, Alexa and I rode the Amtrak train to Dallas for our family's annual summer get-together (Chris joined us later as he had to stay home to take his summer school final - he got an "A" by the way).

It was a four hour trip as opposed to two and a half. We made four stops along the way and had a great time in our roomy coach. We even bought some tasty food from the refreshments counter. It is definitely a lot easier than flying. We simply boarded the train, gave the conductor our reservation number and paid by credit card as we coasted down the track. What a fun way to see the beauty of the land. We definitely hope to make the trip again - next time with Daddy . . . More pics from our time in Dallas coming soon!
We're both so excited to see the train chugging down the track.
This was all the luggage I took on the train - WHEW!! Luckily, one of the conductors checked the stroller and carseat for me.
Hooray . . . we're on!! Alexa is loving her first train ride . . . and the camera!

1 comment:

  1. yay for alexa- such a sweet traveler! and yay for your mommy- that's a LOT of work! :)