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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Alexa's New Friends

Alexa Hope (4 mos, 1 wk) & Whitman Randel Gibson (5 mos, 1 1/2 wks).

Last week, Alexa had a chance to meet some new friends who just so happen to be the children of my best friends - Denise (Depuy) Mills and Brooke (Hutson) Gibson. It was surreal seeing them both in the same week.

Mommy and Alexa traveled to Dallas last weekend to meet up with Denise and her family. They were traveling through Dallas to their final vacation destination - San Antonio. It was wonderful seeing Jonny, Denise, Bailey & Laken. They stopped by my parent's home where we spent the evening together. Concerning Alexa, Bailey told me, "I think she's very pretty . . . is the baby yours?" We had a wonderful time together - the kids were excellent and so sweet to Alexa. Can't wait to see them all again. Now that they live in Colorado Springs, CO, that will definitely happen more often.
Alexa posing with her cousins, Bailey & Laken Mills. 
I stayed with Mom & Dad a few extra days since Chris has graduate classes three nights a week and needed to study for a midterm. As you can see, this is how we celebrate together - check out my dad's apple fritter . . . and he said he could eat two of these!!
Although we ate doughnuts (my personal fave), Alexa also learned about how tasty broccoli is. She enjoyed watching Mimi chop the veggies for dinner. Someday soon, she'll get to enjoy them too!
After coming home from Dallas, Brooke flew in from St. Louis, MO, to spend a few days in Oklahoma visiting friends and showing off her newest addition, her five-month-old son, Whitman.
This is what the table looked like at dinner time. There's just enough room for some food too. Alexa is in the green Bumbo while Whitman chills in the pink bouncer.
Only a real man can sit in a pink bouncy chair . . . 
 . . . and dry off with a pink towel. 
Alexa took a bath too. It's almost as much fun as grabbing Mommy's hair. Ouch!!
We managed to get out one day to shop. It must've been rough for Alexa & Whit!
Alexa's holding on to her link by a finger.
Pre-makeover: Alexa & Whitman in the morning.
Post-makeover: I had to get a pic for Great Grandma Graf without Alexa's hairbow.
You should've seen us trying to get them to both look at the camera and smile!
I think Brooke got a good shot with her camera.
 Alexa just discovered Whitman's a big Ole Miss fan . . . oh no! BOOMER SOONER!!
Aww . . . so sweet. We'll see if they get along this well the next time they meet.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A few videos

Dad thought he could at least post a few videos!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Whoa . . . Alexa's Four Months Old!!

It's so hard to believe Alexa Hope turned four-months-old July 13th. Time really has flown by. Alexa decided to celebrate her four month birthday in style by visiting the doctor and getting her vaccinations. Poor thing! She was our little rock star and hardly cried at all. We're so thankful she did well.

Currently, Alexa weighs 12 lbs 12 oz (31%) and is 25.5" long (91%). She's gained 1.2 lbs and grown 3" over the last two months. I guess we all figured she'd be long and lean.

I'm amazed at how quickly Alexa is developing. She can roll over from her tummy to her back (only if she decides she wants to). She is grabbing everything in sight whether she's using her hands or her feet or both. She'll grab anything from colorful links to Mommy's hair - so watch out!! I'm truly amazed at her coordination. She enjoys standing when someone is holding her hands and is aware of everything that's going on. She loves to dance and smile when anyone claps, sings or dances. She really has such a sweet and happy disposition - we thank the Lord daily for our sweet little girl and pray she stays that way.

Alexa has also discovered her voice - and goodness - she has a set of lungs!! Her squeals, rather screams, are hilarious (I don't think it's a good idea for her to sit in a church service anymore). She also enjoys giggling if the tickle bug gets her.

Speaking of oral development, she just learned how to use her tongue to make buzzing sounds (and lots of drool). She also loves to chew on her hands or fingers - whatever is available. She doesn't suck them. She enjoys chomping, gnawing and drooling all over them. And, she makes the cutest duck mouth with her lips when she is really concentrating on a task. I keep trying to capture "the duck face" but haven't been successful yet.

Alexa sleeps in her big girl crib all night (most of the time)- normally 8 to 9 hours, and she normally takes 3-4 naps a day (if she's swaddled). Again, we're thankful for such a good sleeper and pray this continues as well.

Alexa still loves her toys, Mr. Bumble Bee and Miss Butterfly. We actally purchased a back-up set of them just in case something happened to the originals. "Where is Baby's Belly Button" is still her favorite book. She can now help us with the flaps. And, she's a big fan of Baby Einstein's "Baby Beethoven" DVD - a lifesaver when Mommy has to get something done. If it's cool enough, Alexa and I try to take a walk in the evening. Daddy said we'll have to get new wheels for the stroller soon. Alexa really enjoys walking under trees - they are quite fascinating to her.

Well, that's it from the doting mom. One wonders what I'll write about when she is walking and talking :) Just know, I'm writing a lot of this so I can reference it when I start working on Alexa's scrapbook (She'll probably be 16 when that happens so I need lots of details now) :) 

This was our Mommy & Alexa "Good Mornin' four-month-old!" photo op.

I took these photos before the doc's appointment, just in case she didn't feel so "happy" after her shots. I couldn't pick just one. I love each expression.

The sound on the camera sounds like a bird chirping. It almost always solicits a grin.

Here she is chewing on her fingers.

Alexa swings while enjoying her "A is for Alexa" cloth book made by Aunt Kelly. Notice she has the pages turned to the same image of "autumn." Yes . . . we think she's brilliant :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Our Lil' Firecracker

Alexa enjoyed her 1st Fourth of July celebration in Coppell, TX, with Pop, Mimi, Uncle Mark, Aunt Holly, Rylen & Layton (It only took us 4 1/2 hours to get there instead of the normal 2 1/2 - Alexa was a trooper)! We had a wonderful extended weekend with family including lots of R&R, eating, playing the Wii, playing outdoors, watching the Tour (Tour de France), and of course, lots and lots of Alexa holding, kissing, playing & giggling. 

I think we can all say Alexa discovered her voice in TX. She now enjoys high-pitched jabbering and screaming. She also performed some of her famous roll overs and loved being read to by her cousins. Perhaps the best treat was being held during naptime. Mimi had the magic touch to keep Alexa sleeping peacefully for hours.

Unfortunately . . . no fireworks for Alexa this year (although we heard several from inside the house). We consider Miss Alexa our lil' firecracker.
Alexa and cuz, Rylen, posing in their patriotic attire on the 4th. (Hmmmm . . . they could be sisters).
Just chillin' with Layton - even too cool to look at the camera. Alexa loved the baseball on his t-shirt.
Alexa & Mimi enjoying a bit of rocking outside of Babe's Chicken Dinner House - so, so tasty!!
A very sleepy Alexa checking out Pop while the rest of the crew plays outside.
Alexa is sooooo excited Uncle Mark is finally holding her. He said she's passed the fragile stage now. Sorry Aunt Hol, we do have pics of you with Alexa but you told me I couldn't post them :)
Look at me and my strong legs . . . getting ready to bike like Mommy & Daddy.
Alexa can hold her head up like a champion during tummy time.
Aunt Holly getting lots of giggles out of Alexa. Look at her holding onto her links - she's got mad skills.
Rylen & Layton reading Alexa's favorite book, Where Is Baby's Belly Button?
Alexa is getting quite adept at grabbing things like Rylen's long hair. She also loves grabbing her feet and playing with them.
Uncle Chris & Layton decided to "go swimming" on Saturday when a downpour created a small river in the greenbelt behind Mimi & Pop's house. They stayed out there for hours. Layton said it was his "favorite rainy day ever." He thought they should make the flowing river into a water park, since it wouldn't be crowded. PS - Chris does have on swim trunks.
I just love her expression in this one.

A parting shot . . . 
We hope this will be the only time Alexa will have the same hairdo as Pop. Just couldn't pass up the photo op. Sorry Pop!

Alexa's newborn session

If you received Alexa Hope's announcement or have checked out Facebook - you may have already seen some of these images. However, I'm a doting mom and would love to share some more of the beautiful images my dear friend and boss, Shannon Ho, captured for us. Alexa was eight weeks old.

These are only a sampling of her work, if you'd like to check out Alexa's complete session you can log onto and select "clients" - 
Username: kennedy
Password: baby
Once you view the slideshow, you will have the options to "view more images." Select that link at the bottom of the page and then choose either "artist's favorites" or "view all images." Enjoy!!

Oh yes . . . and if you're interested in scheduling a session of your own, give Shannon Ho Photography a call. More than likely, you'll be chatting with me :) 
This is one of my absolute faves - Alexa looks like the subject from a Rembrandt painting. Love the light and her precious contented glance into the camera.
The white dress is one both my sister and I wore as babies. Alexa fit into it perfectly. Hopefully she won't be mad at me for posting her cute backside :)

These are very special pics for me. Alexa is wrapped in a pale pink afghan knit by her Great Grandmother, Nonie (Nellie Hammack). Although Nonie never had the chance to meet Alexa Hope on this side of Glory, I have the sweetest feeling that she knew she was making this blanket for her great-granddaughter. Ironically enough, my mother gave me this very special afghan after my miscarriage as a promise that one day I would be a mommy. I think Nonie is smiling in sweet satisfaction.