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Monday, July 12, 2010

Alexa's newborn session

If you received Alexa Hope's announcement or have checked out Facebook - you may have already seen some of these images. However, I'm a doting mom and would love to share some more of the beautiful images my dear friend and boss, Shannon Ho, captured for us. Alexa was eight weeks old.

These are only a sampling of her work, if you'd like to check out Alexa's complete session you can log onto and select "clients" - 
Username: kennedy
Password: baby
Once you view the slideshow, you will have the options to "view more images." Select that link at the bottom of the page and then choose either "artist's favorites" or "view all images." Enjoy!!

Oh yes . . . and if you're interested in scheduling a session of your own, give Shannon Ho Photography a call. More than likely, you'll be chatting with me :) 
This is one of my absolute faves - Alexa looks like the subject from a Rembrandt painting. Love the light and her precious contented glance into the camera.
The white dress is one both my sister and I wore as babies. Alexa fit into it perfectly. Hopefully she won't be mad at me for posting her cute backside :)

These are very special pics for me. Alexa is wrapped in a pale pink afghan knit by her Great Grandmother, Nonie (Nellie Hammack). Although Nonie never had the chance to meet Alexa Hope on this side of Glory, I have the sweetest feeling that she knew she was making this blanket for her great-granddaughter. Ironically enough, my mother gave me this very special afghan after my miscarriage as a promise that one day I would be a mommy. I think Nonie is smiling in sweet satisfaction.

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