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Thursday, July 1, 2010

I wish they all could be California girls . . .

Two weeks ago, Alexa took her first commercial flight to visit her Opa, Ama, Great Grandma Graf along with many others in Redding, California. She turned 3 months old and earned her wings in one fell swoop - way to go!! Mommy was nervous about the flights but as the pictures indicate - Alexa was a trooper. She mostly slept. Mommy did have to change Alexa's diaper twice in her lap but there were no accidents and no ear poppings. Thank you for praying for a safe and incident free flight. Mommy will be more courageous next time. Here are just a few pics from our time in sunny California with our sweet California girl. Hopefully, Daddy will post some videos from our time in CA including Alexa's first encounter with Opa's chickens and some play time with Ama. 

Alexa is all smiles as she prepares for the 2nd leg of our flight - Denver to Sacramento.
Alexa was trying to charm the flight attendant into giving her her first set of "wings." (It worked).

Chris' parents always have a welcome sign on their garage door when we come to visit. This is Alexa's first "Welcome to CA" sign - it read, "Welcome to Redding Alexa!! (and mom and dad too)." I think we can all see who Opa & Ama were most excited to see :)
Alexa is all grins when she chills with her Opa (Charlie).
Alexa met Daddy's very special neighbors growing up, Ken & Rosemary Johnson. They have lived across the street from the Kennedys all of Chris' life.
Alexa traveled to Chico, CA, to meet her Great Grandma Graf as well as her Great Uncle Tom and Great Auntie Janet. Here are four generations looking good!! (Ama, Chris, Alexa & Great Grandma Graf)
 All the ladies pose for a quick pic while Alexa and Great Grandma Graf exchange giggles. (Mommy, Alexa, Great Auntie Janet, Great Grandma Graf & Ama).
Alexa thinks her Great Uncle Tom is pretty funny. He and Janet are practicing for their first grandchild due in October.
Great Auntie Janet has the magic touch.
Great Grandma Graf gets the big mouth smile from Alexa.
 Some special time with Great Grandma.
Alexa enjoying some time with her friend, Sharon Rigby.

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