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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!

Alexa (14 weeks old) got to spend a very special first Father's Day with her Daddy and Pop. Mimi wasn't able to make it to Norman since she had a workshop . . . we sure missed her! We had a special weekend nonetheless. Pop drove up to see his grandkids and ride his bike in the 10th annual Oklahoma Baptist Children's Home Ride. Mommy and Daddy decided to skip out on the event this year - but watch out - we plan on riding next year with Alexa too! Holly and the kids joined us on Saturday for a cookout and we all went to watch Mark coach his high school girls' b-ball team at a team camp at OU. 
 Daddy with his sweet baby girl. Alexa is all smiles.

Three generations - Pop, Alexa and Mommy.
Pop rocks Alexa to sleep for her afternoon nap. She is getting good at gripping anything within reach - it's Pop finger at the moment.
Pop managed to get Alexa's first giggle. We tried to capture it on video but we were too slow. Some pics of her big smiles will have to do for now.
From smiles to tears. Alexa was sad after Pop left. Daddy dries up her tears with a little cuddling.

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