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Monday, July 12, 2010

Our Lil' Firecracker

Alexa enjoyed her 1st Fourth of July celebration in Coppell, TX, with Pop, Mimi, Uncle Mark, Aunt Holly, Rylen & Layton (It only took us 4 1/2 hours to get there instead of the normal 2 1/2 - Alexa was a trooper)! We had a wonderful extended weekend with family including lots of R&R, eating, playing the Wii, playing outdoors, watching the Tour (Tour de France), and of course, lots and lots of Alexa holding, kissing, playing & giggling. 

I think we can all say Alexa discovered her voice in TX. She now enjoys high-pitched jabbering and screaming. She also performed some of her famous roll overs and loved being read to by her cousins. Perhaps the best treat was being held during naptime. Mimi had the magic touch to keep Alexa sleeping peacefully for hours.

Unfortunately . . . no fireworks for Alexa this year (although we heard several from inside the house). We consider Miss Alexa our lil' firecracker.
Alexa and cuz, Rylen, posing in their patriotic attire on the 4th. (Hmmmm . . . they could be sisters).
Just chillin' with Layton - even too cool to look at the camera. Alexa loved the baseball on his t-shirt.
Alexa & Mimi enjoying a bit of rocking outside of Babe's Chicken Dinner House - so, so tasty!!
A very sleepy Alexa checking out Pop while the rest of the crew plays outside.
Alexa is sooooo excited Uncle Mark is finally holding her. He said she's passed the fragile stage now. Sorry Aunt Hol, we do have pics of you with Alexa but you told me I couldn't post them :)
Look at me and my strong legs . . . getting ready to bike like Mommy & Daddy.
Alexa can hold her head up like a champion during tummy time.
Aunt Holly getting lots of giggles out of Alexa. Look at her holding onto her links - she's got mad skills.
Rylen & Layton reading Alexa's favorite book, Where Is Baby's Belly Button?
Alexa is getting quite adept at grabbing things like Rylen's long hair. She also loves grabbing her feet and playing with them.
Uncle Chris & Layton decided to "go swimming" on Saturday when a downpour created a small river in the greenbelt behind Mimi & Pop's house. They stayed out there for hours. Layton said it was his "favorite rainy day ever." He thought they should make the flowing river into a water park, since it wouldn't be crowded. PS - Chris does have on swim trunks.
I just love her expression in this one.

A parting shot . . . 
We hope this will be the only time Alexa will have the same hairdo as Pop. Just couldn't pass up the photo op. Sorry Pop!

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