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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hi Aunt Kelly & Uncle John!!

This past week, Alexa (15 weeks old) had the privilege of meeting Chris' sister and brother-in-law from Rockville, MD for the very first time. Alexa knows them better as Aunt Kelly & Uncle John. Alexa had a very special time with Aunt Kelly & Uncle John. She loved being held by them them, watching both of them juggle, reading books, rolling over, walking on OU's campus, and doing lots of dancing. She's thrilled to know how cool they are and she can't wait to play with them again. Maybe she'll be able to juggle one ball then!
Getting some tummy time with Aunt Kelly. Watch out for drool!
Alexa getting a kick out of John's rapping. (They have the same smiles)!
Alexa testing out the juggling balls . . . yep, they're tasty!
Aunt Kelly convincing Alexa that she should be a juggler when she grows up. She is also explaining that juggling balls are for juggling not eating. :)
With his deep voice, Uncle John has the touch for putting Alexa to sleep.
Alexa's out again . . . way to go, Uncle John!
 Just a little cuddling time.
A typical Saturday breakfast for the Kennedys - a 6" stack of buttermilk pancakes and 2 lbs of bacon. Yum!!
The whole crew . . . Uncle John, Aunt Kelly, Alexa, Mommy & Daddy.

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