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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Alexa's New Friends

Alexa Hope (4 mos, 1 wk) & Whitman Randel Gibson (5 mos, 1 1/2 wks).

Last week, Alexa had a chance to meet some new friends who just so happen to be the children of my best friends - Denise (Depuy) Mills and Brooke (Hutson) Gibson. It was surreal seeing them both in the same week.

Mommy and Alexa traveled to Dallas last weekend to meet up with Denise and her family. They were traveling through Dallas to their final vacation destination - San Antonio. It was wonderful seeing Jonny, Denise, Bailey & Laken. They stopped by my parent's home where we spent the evening together. Concerning Alexa, Bailey told me, "I think she's very pretty . . . is the baby yours?" We had a wonderful time together - the kids were excellent and so sweet to Alexa. Can't wait to see them all again. Now that they live in Colorado Springs, CO, that will definitely happen more often.
Alexa posing with her cousins, Bailey & Laken Mills. 
I stayed with Mom & Dad a few extra days since Chris has graduate classes three nights a week and needed to study for a midterm. As you can see, this is how we celebrate together - check out my dad's apple fritter . . . and he said he could eat two of these!!
Although we ate doughnuts (my personal fave), Alexa also learned about how tasty broccoli is. She enjoyed watching Mimi chop the veggies for dinner. Someday soon, she'll get to enjoy them too!
After coming home from Dallas, Brooke flew in from St. Louis, MO, to spend a few days in Oklahoma visiting friends and showing off her newest addition, her five-month-old son, Whitman.
This is what the table looked like at dinner time. There's just enough room for some food too. Alexa is in the green Bumbo while Whitman chills in the pink bouncer.
Only a real man can sit in a pink bouncy chair . . . 
 . . . and dry off with a pink towel. 
Alexa took a bath too. It's almost as much fun as grabbing Mommy's hair. Ouch!!
We managed to get out one day to shop. It must've been rough for Alexa & Whit!
Alexa's holding on to her link by a finger.
Pre-makeover: Alexa & Whitman in the morning.
Post-makeover: I had to get a pic for Great Grandma Graf without Alexa's hairbow.
You should've seen us trying to get them to both look at the camera and smile!
I think Brooke got a good shot with her camera.
 Alexa just discovered Whitman's a big Ole Miss fan . . . oh no! BOOMER SOONER!!
Aww . . . so sweet. We'll see if they get along this well the next time they meet.

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