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Thursday, June 10, 2010

12 weeks and counting . . .

Hi everyone - it's me, Alexa Hope. My mommy has been very busy and feeling awful that she hasn't updated the blog sooner. Yes - it has been quite awhile. I'm 12 weeks now (June 5th) and about to celebrate being three-months-old (June 13th). In light of all the new things I'm learning since the last post, she thought it might be a good idea if I update the blog for her. No prob, I learned keyboarding at 10 weeks, so this should be pretty easy.

Other developments - I am very good at holding up my head. I have rolled over once and enjoy my tummy time. My favorite toys are Mr. Bumble Bee and Miss Butterfly (she keeps me company on my carseat). I sleep about 8 1/2 hours at night in my big girl crib (I still loved to be swaddled). And, I love stroller rides at OU and watching Baby Einstein (Beethoven's symphonies). My favorite book is "Where's Baby's Belly Button?" - it always makes me smile. I talk quite a bit when no one else is around and really love to smile - especially when Mommy blows bubbles with her lips.
Here I am all fresh and clean after bathtime.

Let's see . . . what else could I tell you about since the last update. Well, the last couple of months have been action packed. Starting at six weeks, I went with Mommy to BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) and enjoyed spending time with my special friends in the under-two's program. I finally lost my umbilical cord at six weeks too . . . that was a BIG deal. I can see my belly button now!

I was also able to see my Ama (my grandmother) again when she visited me at the end of May. While she was here we joined my mom's family to celebrate my cousin, Layton's 7th birthday. It was pretty cool.
 Just posing for a pic in my new sunhat. It's always good to practice skin safety. Thank you Ama!!

At eight weeks, I experienced my first official photo session with Shannon Ho. She said I was perfect for my newborn session. I'm sure I'll be able to share those photos with you sometime soon and you should be getting my announcement in the mail at the end of June. On the sad side, I experienced my first round of vaccinations - OUCH!! Why did they have to do that to me? Mommy said that Daddy has to go to my next visit. I have to admit - that's the hardest I've ever cried.
I love my activity play mat. I thought Mommy was taking taking a picture of me!

I've also been able to meet four of my great aunts and uncles - Uncle Jim & Aunt Ilene from Colorado and Uncle Jim & Aunt Kay from California. I feel so special that they took the time to come hug and love on me. And, I also survived my first tornado scare. Daddy was at class, so Mommy and I spent some time in the bathtub with a blanket over us. Thank goodness for flashlights and the fact I slept through most of it.
I've also been on two road trips - one to Dallas, TX, to see my Mimi & Pop over Mother's Day weekend and one to Hooker, OK, where I experienced my first Hooker High All School Reunion and Burdge Family Reunion (they are pretty crazy folks)! I think I behaved very well both times. 

Well, enough talk. I know that all you really want to see are pictures anyway!

Mommy, Mimi, and me on Mother's Day. I promise to be awake next year!
Mommy and me enjoying some cuddle time.
Me & Ama having a good giggle.

Here's a pic of my antics on my five hour road trip.
I LOVE my Mr. Bumble Bee. He brings me hours of entertainment and antenna tickles.

Me & Mimi enjoying the road trip to the Oklahoma panhandle.

Me and my girls - Rylen, Kylie, and me at the Burdge Family Reunion.

Connor wanted to hold me too. I'm sacked out but here I am with Connor and his mom, Robin.

This is me with my Great Great Aunt Lucille. We decided we'd color coordinate for the event. Sorry I'm always so sleepy!!

Here I am in my Bumbo for the 1st time (12 weeks). I've been holding my head up for a while now, so this is pretty cool. Just so you know, I do have a diaper on - I surprised Mommy with a blowout before the pic. It was my way of letting her know I was a lot cooler sans clothing. 

 I told mommy I wasn't quite ready but she snapped the pic anyway.

I was ready for the picture this time.
My Aunt Holly would be so proud of my head control. I've been doing my "tummy time" Aunt Hol.

Finally, I forgot to mention I love blankets. Here are a few of my favorite security blankets. 

My blankie from Great Uncle Bob & Carol.
I cuddle with this tag blankie when I'm scared - like right now!!
My bunny is great for napping & cuddling on my swing.

Well, that's it for now. I hope you enjoy until I send my update from my 1st travels to California in an airplane. Can't wait!!

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