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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Our Week in Big "D"

We had a wonderful time with my family at our annual summer get together in Dallas. Here is a pictorial review of the week . . . unfortunately, we didn't get a family shot. Somehow, we always seem to forget to do that - maybe next year!
Alexa is chilling in her swimsuit at Great Wolf Lodge (an indoor/outdoor waterpark resort) in Grapevine, TX. Our family spent two days there - it's a blast. Alexa didn't know what to think of her 1st time in the water. The water in the indoor park was pretty chilly and it made her cry. She was reluctant to put her feet into the water outside. We know that next year will be a lot more fun for her. She just practiced looking cute in her swimsuit this go around.
Alexa and her tan cousin, Rylen.
The kiddos (Rylen, Alexa & Layton) posing after their first day of swimming.
Mimi holding Alexa during one of her many naps at the park so Mommy could ride the slides. Thanks Mimi!!
Who cares about swimming when I can play with Uncle Mark's cap?
Oooohhhh . . . I like Aunt Hol's visor too.
Alexa got a chance to spend some extra time with another cousin, Rob. He joined us for an afternoon of lunch and chatting. It was great to catch up again.
I promised Hol she'd get a pic with Alexa this time. They definitely look related. (Nice drool on your shoulder - a staple if you're holding lil' sweet pea).
The day the rest of the family went to Six Flags. Mimi and I stayed home with Alexa. The heat index was 110 degrees outside so we waited until around 8:30pm to go for a walk. This is Alexa's first time sitting up in her big girl stroller. She seemed to enjoy it!
Playtime with Rylen.
A common sight on family vacations - Uncle Chris wrestling with Layton - who's winning?
Alexa loves to chomp on her rubbie ducky's bill. It's a great distraction when she watches us eat dinner. We, in turn, watch her eat her ducky.
This is a great shot Rylen took with our camera. . . . a photographer in the making.
This is Rylen and Layton posing with an empty barrel of cheese balls. It took about 3 1/2 days for them to disappear! When I asked Layton what his favorite part about Great Wolf Lodge was, he replied, "Eating cheese balls." Well said, Layton. Well said.

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