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Friday, June 17, 2011

When the wind (and hail) come sweeping down the plains . . .

Sonic ice anyone? This is the hail in our front flower bed.

This past Tuesday, we experienced one of the most impressive hail storms I’ve ever witnessed (and growing up in the Oklahoma panhandle, I’ve seen a few). Norman, OK, had winds estimated at 75+ mph with hail up to the size of tennis balls. About 20,000 homes and businesses were without electricity. The damage throughout Norman was extensive. As I drove through town on Wednesday, it looked like a warzone in many places – trees totally uprooted and fences blown over. We were very fortunate. The largest hail we had was quarter size and we had little damage, our car is fine and our fence is still standing – although I’m very sad about our shredded trees and demolished flowers. I do hope Chris will be able to upload a few of the videos we captured during the very loud storm. Alexa didn’t leave my arms until the thumping on our roof and windows subsided.

It looks like snow but it’s all ice. A view of our backyard.

These hail stones had already melted quite a bit as I held them for Chris to video.

So sad about our flower bed. We just replanted everything this year and the flowers were coming in so beautifully. Hopefully, the flowers will come back. We think the bushes will be all right.

Our fence looks like it got into a fight. We call it “character.”

Our sad little crepe myrtles. We hope they come back next year.

I have many more “fun” blogs coming up as I realize many of them have been heavy as of lately. I’ve just been slow to post them. I’ll be diligent this week. Keep checking! 

1 comment:

  1. crazy Oklahoma weather!!! or i guess it's been crazy everywhere this year...