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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

15 1/2 months of Alexa Hope

IMG_1385CHEESE!! Alexa bears a toothy/gummy grin.

It’s been a while since we’ve devoted an entire post to Alexa Hope (and let’s be honest, that’s why you check this blog). Her 15 month check-up to the doc gave me the perfect opportunity to fill you in on all the latest stats and excitement. The last couple of months with Alexa have been FULL of activity. A friend ask the other day, “Does she ever slow down?” My answer – “Only if she’s asleep.” Our little girl is always on the move – full of curiosity, full of spunk, full of personality and full of independence. I wish I could capture in words just how much she is changing and learning every day. It’s so much fun! Chris and I are constantly swapping stories of her antics and adventures. She brings us great joy and lots of laughs. Probably what amazes me most is how much she understands & how often she mimics whatever we do. Although her vocabulary is still developing, her grasp of it is pretty amazing. Here’s a rundown – with plenty of pics – capturing the last two months o’ Alexa.

IMG_1589Alexa enjoys wearing Dada’s hat. What a “cool cat.”

Alexa’s current stats:
Weight – 19.8 oz (6%)
Height – 30 1/4” (45%)
Head Circumference – 17 1/4” (5%)

Alexa’s Highlights & Adventures:
--Getting her 4th tooth (a central incisor on the top).
--Having Jeff Gulden (Chris’ longtime friend), Ama & Pop visit us.
--Visiting Oklahoma’s Capitol, Bricktown and the OKC Memorial with Jeff Gulden. (A separate blog to come).
--Experiencing the OKC zoo for the first time. (Another blog on this one too).
--Celebrating cousin Layton’s 8th birthday.
--Playing on her new play yard in the backyard.
--Swimming in her little swimming pool and the big one too.
--Using a spoon all by herself.
--Brushing her teeth (all four or them), of course, by herself.
--Enjoying a jog or two with Mommy (in the jogger stroller).
--Pushing the regular stroller on walks instead of sitting in it.
--Eating more big girl food including – green beans, broccoli, asparagus, pineapple, yogurt & peanut butter . . . hooray!! The girl loves mini muffins too.
--Developing a distinct “Alexa” vocabulary and signing “please,” “more” & “all done.”
--Singing – it’s so sweet. She loves “Oh How I Love Jesus” & “The Itsy Bitsy Spider.”
--Throwing her first temper tantrums. Oh my – discipline, here we come!!
--Drinking entirely from sippy cups (I weaned her at 15 months. . . sniff, sniff).
--Still enjoying two naps and 12 hours of sleep at night (Mommy enjoys this too).

A Sampling of Alexa-speak (spelled phonetically):
--Cack – the sound a duck makes or a cracker
--Outh – outside
--Side – inside
--Dowh – down
--Baah – ball
--Cuck – truck
--Bubo – bubble
--Nana – banana
--High – saying “hi” or a chair of any kind (originated from high chair)
--Baybee – baby, her Praise Baby DVD, or “bitty” for Itsy Bitsy Spider
--Cowd – cloud
--Baloo – balloon
--Bees – green beans
--Pees – please
--Eyes – eyes
--Taku – thank you
--Pi-ap – pineapple
--Wuhee – whee (expression for sliding, spinning, or swinging)
--Cheese – cheese, string cheese, macaroni & cheese
--Gapes – grapes
--Ah-Ah-Ah – pacifier (it’s from a game we play with her)
--Ry-Ry – Rylen
--Pop – Alexa’s Pop, my Dad
--Shuus – shoes
--Yow – Meow
--Hooo – sound an owl makes
--Cock – sound a rooster makes
--Beep-beep – sound Alexa’s belly button makes
--Roar – sound a lion, tiger & bear make
--Woooooo – sound an elephant makes
--She also does a brilliant airplane impression

IMG_1556Why we change outfits many times a day. Alexa loves to pour water from her swimming pool on herself with her princess bucket.

IMG_1560Here she goes. Ahhhh – so refreshing!!

IMG_1307”Yeah, Mommy, I think it’ll work.” Alexa giving her forward facing car seat a trial run.

IMG_1521Alexa’s not for sure she wants to get into her swimming pool. The water’s cold!

IMG_1574Alexa’s getting ready to swim in the “big girl pool” with her buddy, Eva Westerman.

”I love this rocking chair. It’s just my size!” Ty Aunt Hol, Uncle Mark, Ry-Ry & Layton.

IMG_1434”Me want cookie – me want cookie!” Alexa enjoying her first chocolate chip cookie.

IMG_1440She’s trying to get every chocolatey crumb.

IMG_1276Alexa will make sure there are no remnants in her Greek yogurt container.

IMG_1313Here she is enjoying her first chocolate pudding (and her nose - another favorite pastime).

IMG_1419Alexa enjoys pushing rather than pounding the pegs into her toy. Such a little lady.

IMG_0118Alexa loves chairs – even if it’s a Boppy. Here she’s pointing to a “cuck” (truck).

IMG_1268”Please join me in my house.” She thought it was fun to close the flaps like a gate.

IMG_1445Alexa loves watching the American flag wave in the wind. We do too!

IMG_1451Pounding on the garage door – a favorite outdoor pastime.

IMG_1344It’s a tight squeeze in the Outback with Alexa and her cousins – Layton and Ry-Ry.

IMG_1568She adores her cousins. Such a cute trio.

IMG_1583Alexa with her Dada. I had to include this sweet pic.

IMG_1377How many adults does it take to install a play yard?

IMG_1378Hmmmmm . . . looks like five. Thanks Hol & Mark for letting us borrow the big toy.

Alright – even more pics coming your way this week of our trip to the state capitol, the OKC zoo and a special visit from Ama.

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  1. we have that back yard toy too! love getting alexa updates!