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Friday, July 1, 2011

Alexa’s 1st Trip to the Zoo

Layton, Alexa and Rylen ready to take on the OKC Zoo.

While Ama was visiting, we met up with my sister’s family to take Alexa on her first trip to the Oklahoma City Zoo. Alexa absolutely loves animals so we knew she’d enjoy seeing them up close and personal. Needless to say, Alexa enjoyed her visit – especially since she got to share in it with her cousins and Ama.

“Look at the pink flamingos!”

The girls – Mommy, Holly, Rylen, Alexa & Ama

Mark, Layton, Daddy & Alexa. I love how all the guys are representing OU.

Alexa saying “cheese.” Layton didn’t want to cooperate . . . he was STARVING! I think at this point he was telling us his stomach was going to explode. Poor thing.

This may be my favorite pic. Alexa is really working the “cheese.”
Alexa preferred walking with her cousins much more than being in the stroller.

Aunt Holly trying to show the baby elephant to Alexa.

The Mama and baby elephant. Alexa loved making her elephant sound – wooooo.

This was the perfect ending to new adventures at the zoo. What a day!

1 comment:

  1. sweet little one, love the sacked out baby girl in her car seat!