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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Alexa’s 1st Haircut and Boo Boo

IMG_1631Sweet Alexa showing off her shorn locks – Thursday, July 7 (15 mos, 3 wks, 3 days)

I’m sorry for such a delay in posts. We just returned from a week in Colorado visiting Chris’ grandmother and parents (look for more on that trip in the next blog). It’s been an action-packed month. I just looked at the calendar and realized we will only be home 13 days in July. We spent the 4th of July weekend with my extended family and cousins in Dallas. Alexa and I stayed with my parents in Dallas another week while Chris flew to Washington D.C. for business. We were home five days and then flew to Colorado for a week. Now that we’re back and gearing up for one more trip (to Disney World with my family), it’s time to catch you up to speed.

While in Dallas, Alexa experienced her 1st haircut and boo-boo all in the same day. I was very concerned about the haircut because the previous day she had had a major meltdown putting her foot in the foot measuring device at Stride Rite. I mean, she totally lost it. I thought to myself, “Oh my . . . this haircut experience could be one for the record books.” So, my mom, dad and I prayed Alexa would do well as we traveled to Cool Cuts 4 Kids in Southlake (praying is a common occurrence in my car when Alexa experiences anything new or potentially frightening to her). The best advice the gal at Cool Cuts gave us prior to the visit – bring Alexa’s favorite DVD. Done. That was simple – Praise Baby was coming with us to Cool Cuts. And that, my friends, is the rest of the story.

Alexa was not too excited about sitting in the fun little cars they had available for children but once she was on my lap with her paci in and the Praise Baby DVD rolling – it was all over. Alexa went into a pseudo trance and received the cutest little haircut and style a 15-mos-old gal could ask for (and Mommy too). We’re so thankful for Alexa’s sweet stylist Stacia and for a wonderful 1st haircut for Alexa Hope.
A “before” of Alexa’s tousled, mullet-esque locks.

Look at how nervous Mommy looks . . . and we were worried about Alexa – ha! Look at her zoning out to her DVD.

I just loved her face in this one. Apparently, she wanted highlights not just a trim.

I wanted you to see the cool car Alexa could’ve sat in (yellow car to the right). I guess Mommy’s lap is the happening place these days. Mommy’s totally fine with that.

Stacia putting the final touches on Alexa’s ‘do. So precious, however, I can’t get her to sit still long enough to accomplish this look quite yet.

One happy Alexa, one relieved Mommy, and one sweet stylist.

Unfortunately, Alexa fell while we were Skyping Daddy to show him the new haircut. It was her first fall where there was blood, a knot and bruising (a boo-boo just above her eye). I’m so thankful God gave her those full eyebrows for a reason. The boo-boo has healed beautifully.

“Mik,” as Alexa says, will make it all better. Hooray for vitamin D.

Beyond a haircut and a boo-boo, Mommy was horrible capturing pics of our family time in Dallas. Here are the few I managed to snap. I hope to add a few more swimming pics from my sis’ camera sometime soon. Alexa loves the water.

A sweet pic of Alexa with her Pop and Mimi.

Alexa lounging with Pop to watch (guess what) Praise Baby.

Alexa singing along to the hymn, “Oh How I Love Jesus.”

Snuggle time with Mimi.

Probably the most exciting aspect of my time in Dallas (aside from Alexa’s 1st haircut) was getting back in the saddle again with my Dad. This was the 1st time for me to ride a significant distance since July 2009 when I was pregnant with Alexa and the doc said no more cycling. It felt amazing to spin again, to have my quads burn and my neck ache from the cycling position. I can’t wait to start riding again with Chris. Babysitter anyone!? I don’t think I’m ready to plop Alexa in a bike trailer for a 30 mile ride just yet.

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  1. Looks like a fun summer! I absolutely love the boo-boo pic with her sad-looking little eyes, it's precious and soooo cute! love you guys!