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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Aaaahhhhhh . . . .

Some of you may be reading this post and saying “hmmmm.” But, if you have lived in or visited the state of Oklahoma any time this summer, you will totally understand the reason I’d post a blog about our new AC unit. Isn’t she a thing of beauty – two-and-a-half tons of literal coolness.

The record breaking heat in our state has become a way of life. You wake up expecting it to reach the mid-nineties by 10am and it’s guaranteed to be in the triple digits by noon. It just gets hotter from there. Poor Alexa has been sequestered indoors the majority of the day since early June. Well, when I returned from Dallas with Alexa in early July, I discovered our AC unit had given up the ghost. No wonder – it was tired. Of course, it was one of the warmest weekends yet with a heat index of 111 degrees and Chris was still in Washington D.C. Fortunately, our sweet friends, Cory and Martisha Green rescued us with a borrowed window unit until we could get the AC unit fixed. Our lil’ house reached temps of 90 degrees that weekend but with the help of the window unit and three fans blowing, we survived and Alexa still managed to sleep like a champ.
To make a long story short, when the repairman came out to fix the unit the following week, he told us it had severe damage from the hail storm in June and he expected the unit to continue breaking down until it was replaced. He was able to fix the compressor temporarily but we truly didn’t feel relief until Arthur’s Air Conditioning & Heating came to replace our rickety old unit with this beautiful, smooth-running piece of equipment. That was yesterday. And since then, we feel cool again. I can actually feel the air hitting my head from the vents in the ceiling – a first in the five years we’ve lived here. And, the AC unit actually shuts off!! It’s a thing of beauty and we are so grateful for air conditioning and the men who provided it for us.

Here’s a pic of our old unit. Yep – it definitely got a beating from the hail storm. It seems they make them a bit higher quality these days.

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