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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

She did it!!

Yesterday was a banner day! We came in from playing at the park, and while I started Alexa’s bath water, she sat on the toilet and did her business (#2 that is). There was no hoopla. No pleading. No bribery. I sort of figured this was how it would happen – on her terms and in her time.

I had taken the Great Wolf Lodge sticker chart off the fridge, so I frantically went in search for it as well as cute stickers. I was yelling at Chris to grab the camera. We had to document this monumental occasion. Just so you know, Alexa proceeded to add another sticker to the chart in a matter of minutes (thank you Miralax). Meanwhile, the bathtub was full of water when this entire pooping celebration came to an end - my bad.

I guess Chris and I will have to start planning that trip to Great Wolf Lodge after all. Alexa never ceases to surprise us and we couldn’t be more thrilled by this one!

I had dreamed & prayed about this silly little sticker. Hooray!!

“Aren’t you proud of me, Daddy?”

Just 18 more to go and we’re Great Wolf Lodge bound! Thanks for taking this extended journey with us. We had no idea it would take over two months to materialize.

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