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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pumpkin pride


Just because OU lost to K-State doesn’t mean we should curl up in a ball and pout. (Okay, maybe for just a little bit.) On the contrary, we gotta show our true colors. We gotta show our love. We gotta bling up a pumpkin with some Sooner pride (and hopefully some elusive Sooner magic)! No worries, we will carve a pumpkin after we visit a local pumpkin patch but I just couldn’t resist having one pumpkin jazzed up for the football season.

I got the sparkly pumpkin idea from the October issue of Parents magazine. All you have to do is water down some Elmer’s all-purpose glue and apply glitter. That’s just my speed. Alexa and I used sponge brushes to “paint” our pumpkin with the sticky stuff and then I poured red glitter all over it. Alexa also enjoyed “painting” the cement with her glue-covered brush. Needless to say, we’ll have some abstract glitter art on our front porch until Daddy busts out the power-washer.

Alexa wanted to see if she could manually apply the glitter. Notice the chunk of glitter missing on the right side of the pumpkin. Hmmmm . . . the stolen glitter didn’t adhere to the smooth pumpkin, but there were lovely gobs of glitter all over her hand. It was quite disturbing for Alexa since she hates having dirty hands.

For the crowing touch, I simply cut the OU logo out of white felt and used straight pins to secure it. The magazine suggested small brads but the straight pins worked just fine, especially if you pinned into the ribs of the pumpkin. Easy peasy.

BOOMER SOONER!! (Please make us proud this weekend.)


Side note: This isn’t for the glittery faint of heart. We were both covered in specks of red sparkle and will be any time we walk in & out of the front door for the foreseeable future. My dad would have gone nuts! (The man despises glitter.) Have a wet wash rag & a Shop-Vac ready for easy clean-up. Also, purchase a pumpkin with a stem. It makes moving the pumpkin easier & a lot less messy.

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