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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy birthday babe!


It’s official . . . Chris turned 33 yesterday. Whoop whoop!! It was a low-key celebration with a visit to his office for lunch on Campus Corner as well as an intimate party at home (with some fun gifts – check ’em out). Alexa told everyone Daddy turned three. I’m sure he appreciated her view of how youthful he is. (I hope she says the same for me.) I am so thankful for Chris’ life and that it intersected mine. I am incredibly proud of the man he is – respected, intelligent, faithful, hard-working, handsome, patient, funny & devoted to his family and his walk with Christ. Happy birthday honey!! Here’s a look at the day’s festivities . . .

A birthday squeeze for Daddy.

Alexa’s original birthday artwork. (It was a party hat.) She colored over all the stickers. She’s digging markers these days. Thank goodness they are washable.

The birthday goodies. Alexa could hardly keep from opening Daddy’s gifts before he got home. We wore the party hats until he arrived.

My family and I gave him a skydiving adventure. I figured turning 33, getting a promotion at work and graduating in December merited a celebration in the sky. He asked if I’d join him. I said of course I would . . . on the ground. We’ll see if my dad might consider another jump with him.

He’s so excited about jumping out of a plane. CRAZY!!

One of two new shirts from his parents. He’ll look snazzy in his new position at OU.

My weak attempt at making an ice cream pie look festive. It doesn’t have to be pretty to taste good, right!? This definitely won’t make it on Pinterest.

The final hurrah will be cheering the Sooners on to victory today vs. K-State.

BOOMER SOONER & a very happy birthday to my best man!!


  1. Looks like you gave Chris a great day!

    Always love your photos! What editing software do you use?


    1. Editing software? I can use editing software? :) I don't use anything. If I can't use the photo as is, I typically don't use it. If something has to be fixed, I use Photoshop. The secret for me is a great camera/lens.
      - Canon T3i (I use the kit 18-55mm lens & a 50mm/f 1.8 lens.) I still need some training lessons from my boss - Shannon Ho. She's unbelievable! BTW, I've been praying for your family as you wait for God's best. It broke my heart to hear your adoption news this summer. Let's keep trusting Him together! :) I always love reading your blog. You're such a intentional/creative mom.