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Monday, September 17, 2012

Alexa’s “halfsie” birthday

Last Thursday, September 13, we celebrated Alexa’s 2 1/2 birthday. My sister-in-law’s friends, Josh & Joanna, celebrate “half” birthdays. We’d never thought of celebrating a “half” birthday before but I’m always up for a reason to eat empty calories. We hope this will be a new family tradition for years to come. Thanks Joanna! As you can see, Alexa loved every minute of her “half” birthday. She told everyone we met that day, “Today is my birthday!” Then, I’d interject, “Her half birthday.” She managed to get some new rain boots out of the deal.

With a little bit of masking tape magic, I recreated her 2 yr old birthday shirt for the day. Alexa insisted we put candles on her cupcake – just like her birthday shirt.

We went to a local cupcakery to select a cupcake. She wanted chocolate chips.

Here’s to 2 1/2! Going, going . . .


The past six months have been very full – full of challenges and full of milestones. We are celebrating each one and thanking God for the precious 2 1/2 years He has gifted us with Alexa’s vibrant life. Here are just a few recent firsts for our lil’ girl.

- 1st time to pee pee in the big girl potty (expectantly waiting for #2)
- 1st molar
- 1st day without her pacifier
- 1st time to go to the county fair
- 1st family 5k & 1st toddler dash
- 1st day of AWANAS (She is in Puggles)
- 1st day back at BSF (Bible Study Fellowship)

Alexa loves to do puzzles, play Memory & pretend. She typically has an imaginary friend or friends with her. They run errands with us. They eat with us, and I tuck them into bed with her. I love watching her imagination at play. Alexa loves a good chase. She’ll say, “I’m escaping you,” which means I need to run after her in pursuit of a good tickle. And, she is fascinated with hiding under things. She’ll proclaim, “It’s raining!” and we must find shelter – be it a pillow, blanket or her “cumbrella” (umbrella).

She is also Mommy’s little helper. She especially enjoys cooking as well as rinsing & putting away dishes. When handling glasses & breakable dishes, she’ll say, “Mommy, I be very careful.” Then, she will rinse them and place them in the drying rack. I told her we didn’t need to dry them because God does it for us. The other day, she said, “I put it (the cup) where God dries it.” She is a talker, so most days you’ll hear a mixture of a Bible story, a “Little Einstein’s” episode and a bit of something I said to her that day. She will more than likely be singing it. It’s a hoot. The other day at the library, she told her giraffe, “I’m so proud of you!” I guess she hears that often. That’s a glimpse of our 2 1/2 year old.

Alexa enjoyed petting the sweet baby animals at her 1st county fair.

This lil’ duckling was just 3 days old.

Enjoying a hayride with Mommy.

This weekend, our family completed our first 5k together. Alexa joined us in her jogger stroller – although she insisted on getting out to run. This event supported our local pregnancy center, The Eden Clinic.

Alexa did get her chance to run . . . in the toddler dash. She won!

She was thrilled with her prize – a blue balloon. The girl loves balloons!

Happy 2 1/2 sweet girl! We’ve seen you grow & mature over the last several  months. We can’t wait to see how you will delight us and so many others in the next six months. You always make life an adventure. We love you!!

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  1. Awww, I love it! We have some cupcakes left over from M's half, and every time I let her eat one, she makes me sing to her memories!