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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hooray for BSF!

Last Wednesday, Alexa started her second full year in the children’s program at BSF (Bible Study Fellowship). Alexa truly enjoys BSF. You wouldn’t have known that from the way she acted when I dropped her off today. However, she is typically very excited about BSF. She loves her teachers, the music, the activities & the Bible stories. It is all incredibly intentional and very well done. This year, we are studying Genesis and Alexa is learning God made EVERYTHING! Aside from all the obvious things we see in nature, she now acknowledges God made the iPad, peanut butter, the “squirrely” slide, the wash car (car wash), her puzzles, and even pinwheels. She probably gets it better than I do. Indeed, God is the Creator. Here’s a photo session from her first day (we actually got ready with time to spare) as well as a look at her first day last year. Goodness – our little girl has changed!

Praying you enjoy all of God’s creation today & take time to worship the Creator!

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