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Sunday, April 1, 2012

We’re still here . . . sort of!

We haven’t blown away just yet. Sorry for such an absence from the blogging world. After a brief stint in Dallas for Spring Break, a virus attack on both Mommy & Alexa, a grad school trip for Daddy, the arrival of Ama & Opa and prep for an adventure to Charleston, SC, life has been a wee bit out of sorts.

In just about an hour and a half, Chris and I will be boarding an airplane for a belated anniversary getaway to “Chucktown.” This will be the longest amount of time we’ve been away from our little sweetie (sniff, sniff), so you can definitely be praying both Mommy and Lil’ A adjust quickly. (Mommy would greatly appreciate those prayers). Fortunately for us, Ama & Opa flew from CA to spend some quality time with Alexa on her stomping grounds. We know she is in the best care possible and we are eager for some time away to relax and reconnect. More to come . . .

Here’s a glimpse of our time together over the past two weeks.

It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t include a pic of the cousins on Spring Break. I didn’t do well photographing much there. Here the kids are immersed in the world o’ Mac.
Yummy bunny bread from Ama & Opa – sheer delight.

Thank you so much Ama!
One of many trips to the park with Ama & Opa. I’m sure there are many more to come.

Yes . . . she is definitely in the best care possible (wink, wink). By the way, happy birthday to Opa!! Thank you for celebrating it with us!

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