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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Monday Pick-me-up



When my friend/employer asks me every Monday how my weekend was, I pause and say, “It was good. How was yours?” The pause is normally because I can’t even remember what we did (i.e. – it was probably routine & predictable). If Shannon asks me today, I can honestly say we had a wonderful weekend! It was full of fun little adventures with my sweetie. It was a great way to bounce into spring.

Seriously, what mom lets her child stand on the teeter totter?


Our first stop on Friday was the library. I’m embarrassed to say it’s almost been a year since we received our library cards and we’ve barely darkened the doors minus some “story time” visits. The library overwhelms me with kids and mommies I don’t know. I feel a bit lost in the sea of books, and lets face it, the toys look dirty which kind of grosses me out. However, Alexa is really into story books and I was tired of pulling from our collection at home. So, as my friend, Brooke, says, I put on “my big girl pants,” got over my insecurities, and we went.
God was so faithful. We arrived at the library during lunchtime so it was incredibly quiet. I actually ran into a good friend and we had an encouraging visit. I was able to ask two librarians a slew of questions without feeling stupid and Alexa had her run of the books and toys (even the toys didn’t seem too gross to me this time) . . . probably because I’m letting go (a bit) about my germ-a-fears. Plus, I know I have a canister of Wet Wipes in the car.

I couldn’t keep up with the books Alexa was pulling out. She was having a heyday! I apologized for the 20ish books we left on the table to re-shelve. We took home 12 books which I felt was plenty to keep track of for several days. Alexa has asked us to read most of these books over and over and over this weekend. The highlight for me is speaking in several accents as I “become” each character.

Can’t wait to go back . . .


Norman is called Oklahoma’s City of Festivals and I haven’t attended many of them. I’ve lived here nine years, what’s my excuse?! While Daddy worked at OU on Saturday, Alexa and I enjoyed the ‘89er Day Parade which celebrates the anniversary of the Great Land Run of 1889. Outside of Disney World parades, this was Alexa’s first local parade. With horses, drums and multitudes of candy, I can confidently say – it was a hit for Lil’ A.
Alexa’s not sure what to think of the police cars commencing the parade. Her face resembled “shock and awe.”

The Grand Marshals and Alexa’s first view of a gorgeous horse.

I enjoyed all of the magnificent cars. Check out this stylin’ turquoise Bel Air.

Alexa was a bit perplexed by all the strangers waving at her but once she got used to waving back (at total strangers), you couldn’t stop her.
Perhaps the waving, bling sunglasses and overall cuteness contributed to the hoards of candy she received. Her little backpack was full of empty calories.

“Bye Sooner Schooner!” Alexa loved seeing OU’s RUF/NEKS and the Sooner Schooner pass by. These are the folks who ride out onto the field when OU scores a touchdown. Of course, Boomer and Sooner, the ponies who pull the Schooner, really grabbed Alexa’s attention.

I can only imagine what this little girl is thinking at this moment.

Alexa was most excited about her sucker. We’re saving it as bribery (no, um, incentive) to obey. Is that wrong?

”Hey Mommy, this parade rocked. Let’s invite Daddy next time, kay?”


After the parade, we strolled down to see several of the cars up close and personal. I think Pierce Arrow hood ornaments are soooooo cool. Do you think it would look good on our “96 Camry?

We grew up with two El Caminos in the family. The first one looked like this except it was white and dark orange. Swweeeeeeet!!

I drove a blue and white El Camino Conquistador like this in high school. It was the perfect car for my two best friends. We could all sit together. Oh the memories!

My family also has a ‘65 antique white mustang like this and my Dad wants to sell it (sniff, sniff). It has been in my family since day one. Chris and I just need a three car garage to keep it. Unfortunately, ours is a hard top.

Another sweet hood ornie.

Alexa couldn’t wait for Daddy to get home from work. When I told her he was coming, she said, “So he can play with me!” She was looking forward to helping Daddy plant the flowers we purchased on Friday.

Prepping the soil for some Vinca action. Daddy has the green thumb when it comes to outdoor plants. I’m so thankful.

Cover these babies with mulch, water and lots of prayer against hail damage and we’re good to go. Daddy also planted moss roses and Pentas in the front flower bed. All of them were pink, or as Alexa says, “Rylen’s color.”

I wish I could’ve captured how dirty Daddy’s hands were. Just missed it.

Helping or hindering Daddy watering the flowers? You decide.

Alexa trying to turn her feet over to see how they were making wet footprints on the dry cement. She was very puzzled.

This girl is going to love swimming this year. The wet sidewalk fascinated her.


With Alexa’s recent bout with separation anxiety, going to church has been difficult. She tells me almost daily, “I not go to church, Mama.” However, yesterday she did really well. Although she still refused to go, she adapted quickly once we got there.

Those sad little eyes reveal Alexa’s reluctance to go to church in the fear we won’t come back. Now you can understand why it’s hard for Mommy at times.

My two sweeties – big and small. Thank you for a wonderful weekend!! As Alexa said during bathtime on Saturday, “It was a big day!” I agree wholeheartedly.

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