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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

. . . then there were two

We are officially down to two pacifiers. This one had to be retired this evening as my fear about the possibility of Alexa biting off the end and choking on it during the night reached its climax. (Can you see the jagged rip all around the top where Alexa chews on it?) We had to tell her her paci was '”broken” and it’s no longer safe to have. We love her too much to let her have “broken” pacifiers. Now imagine very sad crying.
I knew we needed to wean Alexa after Christmas but I always had another “reason” to put it off – sickness, travel, doctor’s visits. Let me explain, Lil’ A loves her pacifiers. They are as much a toy as they are a comfort to her . . . it’s the equivalent of a “lovey,” her thumb, and a stuffed animal all in one. When Alexa sees the letter “P” she says “P’ is for “paci.” And, let’s face it, those pacifiers make every battle we face a little easier because her choices often result in a paci “blessing” or paci “consequence” – meaning she gets them in her crib or she doesn’t.
I have to admit, I was a bit sad seeing paci #3 tossed into the trash. It’s an indication (at least for me) that we must continually put our dependence on the Father. Even I want the easier way out. However, He is our ultimate comforter and I’ll need that reassurance on the days when all Alexa wants is her paci. In that moment, as we typically do, we’ll stop and pray and ask God for His strength, peace and comfort. And my heart’s cry in that moment will be that Alexa will begin to understand our God is bigger and better than her pacifiers. He will always be there to comfort her. His love will never fail. And, it will be a great reminder for Mommy too.
Perhaps, God in His grace is allowing the weaning process to be less painful for this first time Mommy and her little girl by “breaking” pacifiers one by one. He must’ve known we’d never do it cold turkey. We’ll keep you updated. One down two to go.
Potty training comes next, right!? Oh boy . . .

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