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Friday, April 20, 2012

The Perfect Evening!

Just a little evidence only the Lord can end a day like this. The sunset was breathtaking and gone in seconds. So thankful we got to witness His glory in the sky.

It’s ridiculously late – it’s actually tomorrow but I had to share our perfect evening with you. Thursdays can be long days. I meet with a college gal early in the morning. Alexa and I go to a playdate. I work during A’s nap and Daddy goes has grad school in the evening. In fact, Alexa rarely sees Daddy on “class” days. He leaves before she gets up and gets home after she goes to bed. All of that said – Thursdays can be long days.

The day started off with a playdate hiccup leaving Alexa in “major” meltdown mode. I thought, “Oh boy – it’s going to be a rough one.” Once she settled down and took a two hour nap, I promised her we’d have some serious fun this evening. So . . . we headed to one of our favorite places – OU!! The wind had disappeared. The temp was perfect and the campus was quiet. Alexa and I even got to see Daddy during his ten minute class break . . . how fun! In fact, when I was rocking Alexa and asked her what her favorite part of the day was she said, “Daddy!” Precious.

Here’s a rundown of our fun romping through campus . . .

A delish dinner in the Union courtyard. Yes – those are “high fiber” nuggets and fries. Okay, no, they aren’t but Lil’ A gulped down six without hesitation.

“Hi to my adoring public!”

Standing up and still scarfing the nuggets down.

Picking some amazing white flowers.

Um, I LOVE white flowers!!

Honey, can we do something like this for our front planter?

Grunt . . . Lil’ A getting up to splash around in one of the six fountains we visited on campus. The girl was soaked by the time we finished and the water was cold – brrrrrr.

Splash it up sister!!

In front of the reflecting pool at Owen Field (rather, The Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium). I did not encourage the pose.

A shot of the stadium with Alexa making an “O” for OU!! A skill we tried to teach her before she could crawl. Show that Sooner pride.

Another shot of the sunset. I can’t get enough moments like these.

As we were walking to our car, I looked back and noticed a storm front rolling in (squeal). And, it WAS a glorious thunderstorm! Yes . . . the perfect ending to a perfect evening. The only thing we were missing was Daddy!


  1. Beautiful pictures! Going from wake-up to bath/bed time is a LONG day!

  2. Looks like it was so much fun! Don't you love those precious moments? I'm really convinced E and Alexa would be really great friends. She loves flowers, Chick-fil-A, and playing in water. :)