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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Chillin’ with Ama & Opa

I can’t believe it’s been a week since Ama and Opa flew back to CA after spending the several days with Lil’ A while Mommy and Daddy retreated in Charleston, SC. There were so many sweet pics to swim through but I narrowed them down to fifteen favorites in the hopes of giving you a small glimpse of what life is like when Alexa has two grandparents at her beck and call 24/7.
Since Ama & Opa have left, Alexa tells me several times a day, “I need to go to the park with Jasper (her stuffed monkey) and swing and slide.” Clearly, recreation multiple times a day is a “need” for our little girl now. We’re doing our best to meet the entertainment and excitement level Ama & Opa provided, but I think Alexa is simply tolerating us until she can be the center of attention again – as if she isn’t already!

Thank you Ama & Opa for loving our Lil’ A so well while we were away. We both feel incredibly blessed to know we have parents in whom we can entrust our daughter and never worry about her care. So many of our friends don’t have that privilege and we sure don’t want to take this blessing for granted. We loved all of the updates and text messages. It made our first extended trip away from our little girl brighter knowing she was having a blast with her Ama & Opa.

Two shady but very sweet ladies.


Attack of Opa’s tickle bug.

Playing needs to be fashionable as well as fun. Love the coordinating hair bows.

Opa and Alexa enjoying Mommy’s favorite kind of camping – inside!

Ama may need a chiropractor after pushing Lil’ A in her baby stroller.

Another wild round of “oofing” on Opa. I heard this was a very popular game.

Quite the balancing act. I believe Alexa enjoyed a trip to the park at least two times a day and sometimes three. According to Alexa, the parks in Norman are designated by the color of the slide – blue, red or yellow. This was the yellow park.

On the rainy days when outdoor play wasn’t the best option – reading always was. I think this was a story from “Winnie the Pooh.”

A trip to OU is guaranteed to bring squeals of delight – especially if getting soaked at a fountain is involved.

Painting the fence with Opa is another way to get wet. I love Alexa’s “gangsta” look with the pant leg. Please ignore the divots on our fence - they are courtesy of the hail storm of ‘11.

It seems both Ama and Alexa are immersed in this book.

Alexa appears concerned that Opa’s rocking out on the xylophone with the car keys.
Alexa discovers the cross in the resurrection eggs. Ama made them for us, and Alexa loves to open them year round. We joke that she definitely knows the Easter story. We’re just not for sure if she knows the correct order.

Although she’s a pretty picker eater, Alexa loves to prepare anything in the kitchen. (If we could just convince her to eat what she helps to make.) Here she’s beating eggs with Opa while enjoying her new apron from Ama.

This is Jasper, the monkey Alexa pushes in her stroller and takes to the park. She always insists he swing. Looks like he’s having a grand time. Hold on tight, Jasper!
Alexa’s shoes were a lovely touch.

Time to go home again, Sweetie. Alexa says, "Thank you Ama and Opa! I love you so much and am blowing you double kisses right now. Can’t wait to Skype with you. I’ll take good care of Jasper until we see each other again."

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  1. Love you back, Alexa! And blowing kisses your way too. We loved being able to spend time with you (and Jasper) and will look forward to seeing you again... hopefully before TOO long! ~Ama & Opa~