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Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday pick-me-up

The Kennedys are soaking up the spring weekends. If you’ve lived in Oklahoma long, you know there is a very small window for beautiful weather (spring/fall), and we’re living “large” in that small window. We enjoyed another action-packed weekend including playtime at the park, a family jog & yard work, lots of reading and an outing with my sister’s family to the OKC Arts Festival & Thunder Alley. We also enjoyed listening to my sister’s choir at a concert on Sunday. A shout out to my niece, Rylen, who will compete in the state Bible drill competition next weekend. Whoop whoop!!

It’s pretty much guaranteed if we are outdoors, Alexa is a happy camper. Add to that equation, sprawling green grass with oodles of water and it goes from happy to elated. Mommy feels the same way (not so much about the water but the event). I have always looked forward to the OKC Arts Festival. It’s nestled in the heart of OKC at the newly renovated Myriad Botanical Gardens.The atmosphere is teeming with visual arts, performing arts & culinary arts. Add to the mix the OKC marathon and the first night of playoffs for the OKC Thunder and it’s just a big, big weekend for Oklahomans. You could sense the excitement bustling in the air. Although we didn’t get to see much art this year (sad face), we relished the moments watching Lil’ A soak up her inaugural trip with her cousins to the arts festival. If the chocolate-dipped cheesecake didn’t convince her, the water installments sure did.
IMG_1328 IMG_1348
Alexa was fascinated with a visual arts performer doing all sorts of tricks from back flips with twists to multiple spins and layouts in the air. She decided she wanted to give it a go. Her version looked more like a scene from “Stomp.”


After frolicking in “the wilderness,” as Mommy calls it, we headed over to Thunder Alley, the area outside Chesapeake Arena where fans gather before the basketball game, to get our “Thunder” on. Alexa chose to dance and play the “boom booms” (drums). Yes, the girl has her own drumsticks (i.e. chopsticks) at home. Like her Mama, Lil’ A loves to get down to a good beat. Too bad I don’t have a video of Alexa getting her groove on (Mommy was too busy getting hers on too). Go Thunder – who defeated the Dallas Mavs 99-98 thanks to Kevin Durant’s game winning shot.
IMG_1365 IMG_1356
Alexa and Daddy (bottom left) walking back to our “free” parking space with the new Devon Tower (Oklahoma’s tallest building) and Chesapeake Arena as their backdrop. Goodnight OKC!

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  1. I'm so glad you guys had a fun weekend! And I LOVE to see Alexa jumping. I ask E to jump frequently because I think it's so stinkin' cute. I wanted to comment on your last post that we are totally in the same boat with the paci, or "ba" as Elliott calls it. Your description of it as her lovey, thumb, and stuffed animal all in one was SO perfect. Maybe you guys can figure it out then let us know what works. :)