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Friday, June 22, 2012

This & That

I must admit. I’ve been a bit distracted with Thunder fever and the blog has suffered. Sorry for minimal posting the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately, the Thunder run is over (at least for this season), so I shouldn’t be too distracted again until the Olympics.

No reason for a post today. Just a few random pics and a video from the last couple of weeks. Alexa did graduate from her first series of swimming lessons last week! (Um, that basically means we showed up and got in the pool everyday.)

Alexa with her instructor, Miss Chelsey. She was precious & such an encourager. Alexa is super pumped about her group picture & diploma (in the Ziploc bag).

Working on her “scoops” and kicking. I think she went under the water five times during the two weeks of lessons. That was such a big deal.

Congratulatory tickles from Daddy. Our last lesson was in the evening so Daddy was able to attend and cheer Lil’ A on.
The last feat in swimming was jumping off the diving board. Check out Alexa’s very concerned face watching other lil’ tikes scream and kick as parents coerced them to give the diving board a chance. Alexa mustered up enough courage to walk out onto the board (because we told it bounced like a trampoline). She jumped up and down on it but never jumped in . . . maybe next year!

Alexa enjoyed smelling the roses on OU’s campus during an evening picnic.

She had to be fair and smell the pink rose too.

One of Alexa’s recent favorite attractions on campus is Foucault’s Pendulum. She is racing to see it. You should hear her say pendulum. She sounds it out – “pen-ju-lum.” It is absolutely precious and surprisingly accurate.

Alexa wandered into a “roped off” flower bed. I told her she could walk around but she could not step on the flowers! She enjoyed walking around the red “OU” flowers until the path got a little tight. She was a bit perplexed how to get out without mushing the flowers. Hmmmm . . .

After standing still & looking puzzled she asked if she could poop. I guess she found her perfect spot. She did ask me to leave while she did her business. No worries, she didn’t fertilize anything. She isn’t potty trained yet.

If you have some time on your hands. Here’s a video I captured of Lil’ A reading Dr. Seuss’ “Oh the Places You’ll Go” as well as book about a little mouse named Meatball. Unfortunately, the Dr. Seuss book doesn’t have much of a storyline & Alexa isn’t very familiar with it so you won’t hear her a stunning narrative. But, it’s cute to watch her read “Meatball” (that action starts at 3:49 into the video if you want to skip ahead). 

Alexa reading to herself in the bathroom.

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