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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mind your manners

This is sort of a random but I thought it was worth sharing. I was reading Sooner Magazine – a magazine for OU alumni and private donors – and a picture of a gal I used to work with at OU Public Affairs caught my eye. So, I read the article she was featured in titled “Manners Matter.” Kate Stanton is sort of a modern day Emily Post and as she says, “In a world that moves at warp speed, the golden rules of etiquette always apply.” I agree Kate! And, I hope we can instill these same values in our daughter when the importance of manners seems to be diminishing.


1.  Show your gratitude. Handwritten thank you notes are simple, cost effective and speak for you for years to come.

2. If you receive an invitation – on paper, verbally or electronically – you must take note of the attendance directions. Not responding to an invitation is telling the hostess you do not care.

3. Napkins stay in your lap during dining. In the event you leave the table, leave the napkin in your chair.

4. Engage with those around you. Come prepared to an event with an open-ended question or two. You never know what chance meeting will lead to your next opportunity or great date.

5. Salt and pepper is a forever couple. When passing, don’t break them up.

6. Nametags belong on the right side of your upper chest.

7. Bread is to be torn one piece at a time – buttered one piece at a time – and enjoyed one piece at a time. If you have a bread plate, place the bread on your bread plate.

8. Cell phones are not actually part of a table’s place setting. Consider giving the people in front of you your attention, not the ones texting you.

9. At receptions, hold your beverage in your left hand to allow you to shake hands easily with your right hand.

10. Be courteous. Open doors. Pick something up for someone. Say “good morning” to the soul you always see at the coffee shop. Life is so precious, and it begins with being kind and respectful to those around you.

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