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Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday pick-me-up


Yep . . . we’re big Coldplay fans (we’ve seen them three times). Chris surprised me with tickets at Christmas, and I’ve been anticipating this concert ever since. So, we packed up Lil’ A, our Coldplay playlist and headed to Dallas for the opportunity to hear the band we love. By the way, Alexa stayed with my parents. She does know the song, “Paradise,” but we’re not about to damage her hearing at the age of two.

As usual, Coldplay didn’t disappoint. Chris Martin is an entertainer extraordinaire, and he didn’t stop moving until the band left the stage. Even the ol’ 33 and 32-year-old stayed on our feet the entire time. It was just too good to sit down, which is ironic since our “seats” cost so much!

As Coldplay came onto the stage, it reminded me a lot of what my mom said to me when we were at a Billy Joel & Elton John concert a couple of years ago. We were both going crazy when the two musicians made their way onto the stage (as were the other adoring fans) and mom said to me, “If this is how excited I get to see Billy Joel, I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like to see Jesus!” I thought about that a lot during this concert. I love music . . . it is such an emotional vehicle. It moves me in a way very few things can. And although I have to admit I’m a big Coldplay fan, I am much more excited about the day we’ll see Jesus coming – the anticipation, the rush of emotion, the whooping-n-hollering! And, then we’ll have the biggest praise concert you’ve ever seen. Every tribe, tongue & nation singing praises to our God - in unison (for all eternity). It’s going to be something, isn’t it!? I smile just thinking about it. As much as I enjoy Coldplay, Christ’s return will put this concert to shame.

But back to Coldplay . . .

If you’re a Coldplay fan, we included a few videos below. If you have no idea who Coldplay is, you should check them out. Trust us, we have excellent taste - ha!

My first attempt at a self-portrait without using the display on the iPhone. A little off, but, ahhhh, aren’t we cute . . . so excited to see our boys play!

When we walked into the arena, we were given these colorful bracelets. I just figured they were a way to grant us re-entry if we left the building; however, the bracelets contained LED lights that lit up in-sync to Coldplay’s music during the concert.

So, they looked like this . . .

And with an arena holding 18,600 fans, the bracelets looked like this. It’s hard to capture the variety of colors represented but it was unreal. We tried to video it too.


This is the video that made me think about what it’s going to be like to meet Jesus when He comes! I think we’ll be going crazy like this too. Check out the bracelets as they light up at the intro to the first song and listen to the crowd’s astonishment.

Anticipating the arrival of the band, Coldplay. Listen to the excitement when they hit the stage, and everyone's bracelets light up in sync to the music.

One of my favorites – “Paradise”
- I put this on here for Lil’ A too. She likes to sing it with me. The video will flip. I was holding my phone incorrectly at first.

This was another fun song to watch our bracelets light up.

For the first part of the encore, the band surprisingly popped up toward the back of the arena and played right in the middle of the crowd. Everyone could see them on the big screens but couldn’t find them until a spotlight revealed their location. Shock & awe, friends, shock & awe.
Encore – “Fix You”
Just a glimpse of the energy Chris Martin has on stage.

I was elated when Coldplay encored with this classic. Look at Chris Martin.

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  1. Oh my gosh...i watched the first video and you would have thought I was at the concert. The lights are amazing