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Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday pick-me-up


She’s been waiting for this day for months. We drive by any swimming pool, and she begs to get in. Well - the day finally arrived! Alexa got to go to the big swimming pool for her first lessons. When we arrived, she ran immediately to the edge of the pool (almost gave me a heart attack). I explained we had to wait our turn and she waited patiently . . . well, almost patiently. She was clearly excited to test the waters. Unfortunately, when we tested the waters, they were frigid – so she wasn’t as eager to dip in as the goose bumps raced up her leg. Regardless, we managed to tolerate the chilly temps for her first thirty minute lesson . . . one of nine. Brrrrr . . .  

– Alexa’s vice-like grip around my neck most of the time. I pray her trust in me will improve with more lessons.
- Trying to convince Alexa to lay her head back on my shoulder. She proceeded to tell me and the instructor, “I not like to do that Mommy. I not do it!”
- Encouraging her to blow bubbles in the water (and occasionally getting choked up trying to do it myself). Alexa preferred lapping the chlorinated water up like a dog.
- Seeing her teeth chatter and bottom lip quiver from the ridiculously cold temperature of the water, but instead of complaining, she’d squeal in delight and say, “This is so fun!” She did this numerous times during the lesson.
- When asked what her favorite part was, Alexa said, “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” Yes, we sang several songs during the lesson and Alexa requested “Twinkle” twice and the instructor gave in to the request.
- My personal highlight – getting out to warm up. Did I mention the water was frigid and I goose bump at 80 degrees!?
- Alexa cried, sobbed and howled when we had to get out. Yes, she was the ONLY child doing this. I guess even though there were aspects she wasn’t so sure of, she did enjoy her first swimming lesson and that was our prayer. Eight more to go!
There’s always time to investigate an acorn before heading home.

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