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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Our Lil’ Deeee-light!

Our two-year-old is growing like a weed. She celebrated 27 months on Wednesday. Full of character and boundless energy, Lil’ A chatters endlessly and loves to sing, run, dance, swing, read & pretend – all with occasional stops to eat & sleep (these are minimal however). Alexa Hope makes us laugh and smile every day. I find myself thanking God for the gift of her life so often. She brings joy to us and to the world around her. I’m loving this stage of learning, growing and doing. I love that she is so expressive. She is even starting to obey a bit more – hooray!

Since I have yet to put a scrapbook together for my sweetie, this post is my excuse to share a myriad of pics that never fit into a specific blog post and provide a closer glimpse into the vocabulary of this two-year-old.

- She switches up her pronouns – especially “me” and “her.” For example, “Let my do it” or “Can my go to the park?” When referring to a girl, she’ll say, “Her is crying.”  

- She uses “not” for “don’t” – “I not want to go to church.” or “I want not to wear my piggies.”

- If she doesn’t like what you are about to say, she’ll say, “Don’t say ______ (the specific word she doesn’t want you to say).” This normally has to do with the words, “probably,” “we’ll see,” “maybe” and “please.”  

- When convincing me to rock her more before bed, she’ll say, “Can you rock me just a tiny bit, little bit longer?”

- When I go in to get her from a nap or in the morning, she’ll say, “Mommy, you came back!” She always seems a bit excited and surprised that I actually did come back.

- “Can my go outside in my bare feet?”

- Common phrases – “What’s that about?” & “Look at that!?”
- “Moot” is a booth in a restaurant, “jumpoline” is a trampoline, “puter” is a computer

- She’ll say, “I’m donished” or “I all done” to let me know she is finished eating.

- She likes to abbreviate words – her stuffed donkey is “donk,” confetti bear is “fetti bear” & her doll, Vanessa, is “Nessa”

- “Pee-cause” instead of “because”

- While listening to a CD my sis gave her, she said, “Did Holly give this for me?” 

- We rub her back in the crib at night and sing a song called “Jesus.” When driving home the other day, I looked back and noticed she had her doll laying on her tummy, rubbing her back and singing “Jesus” to her. I also overheard her saying to her doll, “Don’t do that, okay?” Hmmmm, where did she get that from?

- When I experienced my first, full-blown migraine, she walked up to the sofa and asked me with a very concerned look, “Mommy, you not feeling much better?”

- Last weekend in the car, she told us, “I cannot drive (pause). I am little.”

- She loves to pretend she’s going to the store, I’ll always tell her to “Be careful. Wear your seatbelt and watch for trains.” (That’s in honor of my grandmother who always told us that.) When Alexa returns from her pretend grocery run, she’ll say, “I back. I be careful and watch for trains.”

- She thinks she’s a riot when you ask her how old she is and she holds up one finger, grins and says, “I one.”

- She’ll tell you “Daddy is Chris. Mommy is Kelsey and I’m Alexa Bear!” (She does, however, know her full name.)

- She can now sing the books of the Bible and knows several verses. I’m convinced if you can turn anything into a song, you can learn it. She knows the sounds each letter of the alphabet makes and she can count to 15 or 20 (normally skipping 10).

My little monkey. Who doesn’t enjoy climbing a tree after swimming lessons!?

I almost met my demise with this stick but it missed me. WHEW!

Alexa loves to swing high! And, I mean HIGH!!

Splashing at (surprise) an OU fountain. I loved her little tip toes.

With an admirer and lil’ cutie himself, Abram Malone.

A day at the zoo with Cade, Cole & Cali Green. This is less than four weeks after Cali’s heart surgery and she looks amazing!



  1. What cute little sayings, and cute pictures! M likes to swing high, too, and it is never high enough. Happy father's day to Chris!

  2. I love it that she was singing and rubbing her doll's back- how precious is that?!?! she is just the sweetest!

  3. I just love that little girl. I could sit and watch her for hours. She puts such joy and "Hope" in my heart.