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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

One Last Hurrah for 2011

The Kilgore & Scoggins crew gather to celebrate their 33rd New Year’s Eve together. Just so you know – all of the little ones celebrated 2012 in their beds.

I consider our New Year’s Eve celebration with the Kilgore family as much of a Christmas tradition as eating turkey and pumpkin pie. It’s just sort of understood we’ll be together on New Year’s Eve. As the caption states, my family has been celebrating with the Kilgore family since I was born (at least that’s what the matriarchs remember – it could go even further back). I cannot recall a year I wasn’t with at least one of the Kilgore family members when the NYC ball dropped. (Of course, my family was there too.) Since my birth, the celebration has added nine more family members and the tradition continues. We just have more pack-n-plays and most of us get tired by 10 pm. We still manage to make it past midnight to usher in a new year. We also enjoy our traditional caramels. (Delicious caramels rolled in biscuit dough, fried, and covered in powered sugar – delightful). With full bellies and memories of sweet fellowship, our little family crawled into bed at 2:30 am. WHEW – what a way to ring in 2012. But, honestly, I wouldn’t want it any other way!

Janice Kilgore’s “melt in your mouth” sugar cookies. We had to give everyone a sugar cookie allowance this year as they are always in high demand. Unfortunately, I didn’t capture a pic of the infamous caramels. I’ll try to remember next year.

My Dad hanging with the younger crew – Brandon & Kim Kilgore and Courtney Kilgore sans Trey.

Trey & Courtney’s sweet little girl, Aubrey Grace, belting out a tune.

Kim enjoying her precious baby boy, Malachi Kelly. What a blue-eyed charmer!

Aunt Kels, Rylen and Uncle Chris gather together with our good friend, David, who was visiting us before he heads back overseas. He has joined our celebration two times now . . . what a brave soul.  


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