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Sunday, January 22, 2012

I Got An Award!


So, I’m starting to faithfully follow a few people’s blogs (thanks to my hubby setting up a Google Reader Account for me). Goodness! Has it made a difference. I’m so grateful because I get overwhelmed easily. (I’m not a Facebook fan for that reason). A blog I follow, (brilliant, by the way) presented our blog with this award and I’m supposed to share seven things about myself that you might not know. Hmmmmm - this may be difficult. I’m pretty boring. Here goes . . .

1. I enjoy the outdoors (even sweating) but I don’t enjoy the smell that accompanies it. I call it the smell of “wilderness.” My daughter loves being “owside” too so I’m getting used to having an “au naturel” odor to my hair.

2. Sending handwritten notes brings me joy – especially when they are written on pretty paper. I despise aspects of the digital age like typing in generic fonts all the time – seems cold and impersonal. There’s something incredibly special about the written word – it’s the truest expression of a person. Pretty stamps thrill me too!

3. My love language is clean and organized. Even though I live in chaos most of the time, it’s organized chaos. I like the beds made, dishes clean and toys put away. I tend to be a grumpy pants when I see disorder.

4. I’m a HORRIBLE decision maker. I can deliberate for hours over anything. For example, I received this award from Joanna on Thursday and I’m just figuring out what to say. I’ll second guess everything I wrote once it’s published.

5. I love all kinds of music. It moves me. Literally . . . if it has a beat, I’m going to dance (in the privacy of my own home, that is). If we hear a song with some bass, Chris will say, “There’s your music.” Alexa and I dance . . . a lot. Thankfully, she has Mommy’s gene for rhythm.

6. I have a strong conviction every woman should have at least one pair of amazing jeans. I shop the outlets for most of my clothes, but when it comes to jeans, you get what you pay for. A good pair of jeans can make any day better.

7. I always wanted to be an actress . . . . still do. Don’t think I would’ve made it with the size of my nose. However, I still enjoy speaking in accents and pretending to be “in character.” Thank goodness I have a little girl to share in my imaginary world.

There you go – nothing too fascinating. I do hope you know me a bit better now. At the least, you can know how to pray for Chris!

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