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Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th . . . and we survived!!

I didn’t process the reality during childbirth (mind you) that having a baby on the 13th would eventually result in a Friday the 13th birthday. Lucky for us (no pun intended), Alexa hasn’t celebrated a Friday birthday yet but we have managed to celebrate a few month-aversaries and survived just fine. No black cats. No broken mirrors. Whew – another one down!

Regardless, it’s been a wonderful month (minus daily refinement in the discipline department) watching Alexa continue to learn, grow and develop into her own little person. And about the pic, Alexa isn’t doing her latest Betsy Ross impression, she just loves hats. This was the hat she chose to wear to the park today. Yesterday, she grabbed a pink sunhat. The day before that – a brown & pink fleece cap. The day proceeding – a crocheted beanie. And the Mickey Mouse ears from Disney World, well, they are a “must wear” everyday.

There were so many pictures I just didn’t have a place to post this month. So you’ll get a fine sampling of Alexa in action below. Take a deep breath . . . there are lots. But before the slideshow – here are my favorite Alexa moments this month . . .

-- Watching Alexa’s excitement as we did Advent each night when she’d say, “Jesus Coming.” She loved putting the “ormanents” on her Advent tree as well.
-- Alexa quoting Isaiah 9:6 and Luke 2:11 to songs Mommy made up. It’s precious especially when she says “mighty God.” We hope to capture it on video.
-- Alexa singing “Away in a Manger,” “Jingle Bells,” “Joy to the World,” “Silent Night,” and “The First Noel.” Like Mommy, she LOVES her Christmas music and we still sing a few of her Christmas requests before bed each evening.
-- Alexa also takes after Mommy in wanting to stay clean. Although she loves Cheetos, she also knows they make your hands orange.  When Mimi and Pop were visiting, we were eating some Cheetos with dinner.  Alexa saw them and said "Cheetos! Okay! Dirty hands!"
-- Driving around to see Christmas lights. Alexa loved to see “canananes” (candycanes) in the yards, and she’d say, “More lights” and “Look at that!” when something fascinated her.
-- Alexa still loves her pacis (even when they have small slits in them from her teeth). She actually prefers her “broken paci” the best. I should boil it often.

Enough with the details. I’ll save the rest for her journal. On to the pics . . .

Haircut #3. This was the first time Alexa sat in the car all by herself. Look at her driving skills spinning that steering wheel! Stay off the road in 2026.

Opening up Christmas packages from family in CA and CO. Look at that excitement!

And playing inside the packages which also make brilliant boats.

Alexa loved her purse from Auntie Janet & Uncle Tom. She immediately put it on her arm and said, “Bye Bye,” blew us a kiss and headed to the door.

The following day she accessorized her purse with a new bracelet and Mommy’s scarf. Off on her “shopping” adventure.  

There has been continual jumping on the trampoline. Alexa will say, “Mommy jump.” Luckily, between the two of us, we don’t surpass the allowable weight limit.

Alexa likes to end jumping exercises with a slide out dismount. It’s a hoot. She likes for Mommy to do it too – even more of a hoot.

Reading her new book from Ama & Opa. I love this pic of her eyelashes.

This is “real life” Alexa – throwing a fit because she can’t hold the camera. Check out Alexa and Daddy’s Lego tower to the right.

Playing with her cousins, Bailey and Laken Mills, who were visiting from Colorado Springs, CO. Alexa calls them “Bailey/Laken.” They also have a sweet little sister who didn’t make the pic – Karis Hope.

And finally, look at my precious family and those amazing lights. They were at Chesapeake in OKC. Alexa with Layton, Aunt Holly and Mimi.

Alexa is so blessed to have the sweetest cousins in the world. She stayed the night with them this particular evening and was so excited to sleep in Layton’s room.

Hard to believe we’ll be celebrating #2 in just two months. We love you sweet girl!


  1. Kelsey, Kyrstin has enjoyed looking at these pictures of Alexa. :)

  2. I mean, she is just the cutest little nugget! her haircut pics are adorable!