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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Alexa & some hoop action

I tried out my iPhone video this weekend when we watched my brother-in-law’s basketball team – the Edmond Santa Fe Lady Wolves. They are ranked #1 and the defending state champions so it was great to finally make it to a game. We hope to make some play-offs this year as well. It was also the perfect opportunity to expose Alexa to some quality basketball action. We are, after all, hoping she’ll enjoy the game we both love.

The highlight for Alexa, however, wasn’t hoop action but rather the pep band. She loved dancing to the music and she especially enjoyed cheering for the teams when they announced the starting line-ups. Unfortunately, one of Chris’ videos mysteriously disappeared (hmmmmm . . . I wonder who deleted that). But, I did manage to capture a nano second of Alexa helping direct the band. She was mimicking the band director. That’s my niece, Rylen, who gives her a high five and fist bump at the end. She was a brilliant babysitter during the game so Chris and I could actually watch the action. Thanks Rylen!!
Alexa enjoying her first taste of Oklahoma basketball at the Edmond Santa Fe game.

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