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Friday, January 6, 2012

Whee . . . Down the Slide!

This is a very common phrase around our household. Alexa used to call all slides a “whee” but now she has added “down the slide.” And boy . . . did we ever “whee” yesterday. It was a glorious day – temps near 70 degrees. We definitely had to get outside to frolic in the warm sunshine. Alexa will say, “Park . . . kay.” Except it isn’t really a suggestion. It’s more of a statement letting me know she’s great with her recommendation, and I should hop on the “Alexa wants her way” bandwagon. I was all for it yesterday. Here are a few snapshots from our trips to the park. Yes, we visited the playground two times - pre- and post-nap. Delightful!

I said it was warm outside. I didn’t say it was without wind. It’s Oklahoma, after all!

Alexa enjoys hanging from a bar to swing herself into full throttle “whee.”

What a landing! And look at those teeth . . . I love her imperfect grin.

Lil’ A also enjoys sliding down on her belly. She calls this the “body” slide. She’s sizing up the slope and determining how much speed she’ll pick up on the descent.

Alright – here I go Mommy! Please make sure I don’t “Superman” off.

On the walk (I mean, the run) home, Alexa enjoys watching her shadow.

She kept looking at her shadow and waving. She’d say, “Hi shadow.” What a fun day!

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