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Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas in Big “D”

We had a wonderful week in Dallas celebrating Christmas with my extended family at Mimi & Pop’s. Here’s a peek at how Alexa spent her 2nd Christmas


Alexa with her favorite cousins (Rylen & Layton) on Christmas Day.

Alexa enjoyed staring at Mimi’s Christmas village – especially the houses that played music. My friend, Martisha Green, made Alexa’s sweet Rudolph shirt. Love it!

Hanging up the final ornament on her Advent calendar, the nativity.

Yep – that’s what it’s all about – the birth of baby Jesus!

We’ve tried both years to get a picture of the kids in front of the tree. Well, two of them cooperated this year! Alexa was too intrigued by Layton’s Scooby Doo stuffed animal. This was Nonie’s Christmas tree. My mom got her tree, and I got the decorations.We all treasure having a piece of Nonie with us when we open gifts.


I love this precious pic of my niece & nephew. I can’t believe how grown-up they’ve become. It’s hard to believe Layton it 2 1/2 years younger than Rylen. I think we have two athletes on our hands.

Alexa trying on her new sheep slippers from Mimi & Pop. She’s pointing to his eyes.

Building a tower of Legos with Daddy. Alexa will say, “Daddy . . . Legos!” It’s her way of saying, I want “whoever it is” to play Legos with me.

Leave it to my sister to build the exact replica of the picture on the box. I think it’s her OCD way of making sure we have all the Legos. She also pointed out the diagram on the box that tells me how many of each Lego size we should have. From one “Type A” sister to the other – thank you Hol!!

Alexa was trying out her Heisman pose with her OU football. Yes - a girl can have a football. Mommy wanted her to have it. Alexa is all about balls & we think it’s great!!

Alexa “the hooded wonder” swinging on her indoor trampoline. Unfortunately, you can only catch a glimpse of her backside as she wasn’t dressed for a blog post. 

Layton & Rylen with some of their spoils – a new basketball & a nail art set.

Uncle Chris & Aunt Kels ensure the kids are stylin’ in 2012. BOOMER SOONER!

Mimi’s festive Christmas table. One can see I came by my love for red genetically.

Nonie (my grandmother) made these felt Santa napkin holders when we were children. The china was from my parents’ wedding. Yes, they were married in 1970 – but I do believe daisies are making a comeback. 

The day ended with frozen treats. Layton, Chris & Rylen served as official taste testers for the first round of popsicles from the Zoku Quick Pop Maker. Amazing & delicious! It makes three popsicles in seven minutes! Alexa got a brain freeze on her first attempt which ended in tears.

While in Dallas, Alexa enjoyed quality time with some of her favorite people.

Reading a Bible story with Pop (aka – Pop-Pop, Poppy) whatever suits Alexa’s fancy.

Totally relaxed while enjoying a good read with Mimi. Ironically, the title of the book was “Five Little Sleepyheads” – quite apropos.

Coloring with Ry on her DSi. Rylen was very kind to share it with Lil’ A (often).

Deep in their imaginary worlds, Layton and Alexa build another creation together.

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