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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

An Evening with Michael . . .

IMG_3439Mom and me in our box seats at the Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas, TX.

If you know me well at all . . . actually if you just know me, you know exactly who “Michael” is. For those of you who don’t, it’s Michael W. Smith. My sister and I have been on a first name basis with Michael for years now. We, in fact, have been fans ever since I can remember his “argyle” album complete with Michael’s mullet and beard. We have every song (instrumental or vocal) memorized including his latest release, his 2nd instrumental album, Glory (amazing, by the way). And, we’re indoctrinating our daughters as well. Rylen loves both instrumental albums (Freedom & Glory), and Alexa requests “boom boom” anytime we’re in the car. “Boom boom” is her name for a song on one of MWS’ praise albums. The man creates unbelievable music . . . my favorites of which are his instrumental and Christmas albums.

Which brings me to this post. Shortly after mom and dad moved to Dallas, mom started a “Scoggins” girl tradition of going to the Michael W. Smith Christmas concert with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. She makes it into a big evening complete with dressing up, eating at a five star restaurant (ya’ know, the kind where people stare at you because they know you don’t really belong there), parking valet, and delighting in the most wondrous music this side of heaven. I love this evening and look forward to it every year. I always say, “Christmas doesn’t start until we hear Michael.” It truly is a magical evening. 

This year was even more special as mom secured box seats right behind Michael’s piano. In this way, we had a bird’s eye view of Michael tickling the ivories as well as the entire symphony (You can normally only see the front members). It truly doesn’t get any better than this – Michael and a symphony orchestra.


IMG_3432The view looking at the back of the beautiful Meyerson Symphony Center.

Unfortunately, my sister and niece had to miss the concert due to a last minute obligation. So, so sad. This would have been my niece’s first “Michael” concert. Yes, we’re getting her started young. However, we enjoyed the ladies who gladly accepted mom’s invitation to a “night on the town” including seats 7 and 8. 

IMG_3440 The four Christmas divas – Cleta, Imelda, Mom & me.

IMG_3446Mom and I taking a self-portrait in the box seat. What fun!

It WAS a glorious evening. It always is. Can’t wait for next year. Just for kicks, I included a pic from our first concert together. It was 2007 and we were on the first row. Yep . . . we love our Michael.

IMG_1415Three crazy Scoggins girls.

Merry Christmas!! Now go enjoy a great Michael song. It will make your heart happy!! Thanks Mom & Dad for sponsoring such a magical evening every year. I love this tradition!


  1. We go every year, as well! It is my favorite Christmas concert, he is amazing!

  2. ahh Kels + Michael. you have loved him for a long time :) Great seats!