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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

She’s home!

Hey all, Chris again. A successful day today – seamless, complication-free surgery is always a good thing. Not only that, but the tumor is removed from her right calf! Dr. Smith was confident that she got the tumor removed in its entirety. Kelsey is minus her small calf muscle (the soleus), but she has been able to get some good rest today and will be able to walk fine once her leg heals. Right now, there is a good deal of pain when she takes a step, so she is using crutches for the time being.

Immediately after surgery, her back felt pretty good due to all of the narcotics and anesthesia, but all of that has since worn off and she continues to have a great deal of pain. It probably doesn’t help that her leg needs to be elevated over the next few days to help with the healing and that is putting added pressure on her back. Thank you all for your prayers – we continue to thank God for His provision and guidance as we walk through the healing process.

Prayer requests:

-- Wisdom for Kelsey to know if she is up for a trip to Tulsa tomorrow for another round of infusions.

-- Complication-free, quick healing of her calf.

-- Wisdom to know how to deal with the pain in her back before the tumor there is treated. Do we need to meet with a pain-management specialist at MDA?

-- Good rest for Kelsey in the midst of pain.

-- Complete, total healing of Kelsey’s body and no more cancer!


  1. Chris and Kelsey, We are praying for you all and especially for healing.

  2. Praying
    Johnny & Leda McNabb

  3. Praying for you!

    Linda Ellsworth

  4. Praying for you all.

  5. Earnestly praying for pain relief speedy healing from surgery & total healing.
    Dick & Sharon

  6. Praise that the surgery went well! Praying, esp for pain management. Love you guys!! KST

  7. So glad things went so well with the surgery. Prayers continuing for pain relief and good things from MDA next week. Sharl and Doug

  8. Hi Kelsey, My name is Susan Hill. I am friends of your parents from MBBC. I have a CD of Scripture reading that i would like to send you. I left a message with your parents last night but i know they are there with you. I can mail it to your parents or if you dont mind i would love your address. My email is Thank you very much. Prayers to you this week for strength and a whole lot less pain. God Bless.