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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spring is coming . . .

MRIs, tumor resection, stereotactic radiation . . . all terms which upon hearing generally bring anxiety and despair. However, for this gal who has been fighting a rare cancer that seems to be winning for over a year now, these terms, for a strange, particular reason brought hope today. And no, I don’t believe the narcotics are talking.

For me, spring is coming. Yes, I realize for the “literal” geeks out there, spring is coming. But “spring” means more than just grass greening, buds opening and flowers blooming. It means hope and life. It means renewal and beauty (and the end of pain). And warriors, for the first time my heart believes we are heading in that direction.

Several exciting things happened today (i.e. answered prayers).

My MRI went well. I was in quite a bit of back pain but I knew the procedure wouldn't last long, and God's grace got me through. Thankfully, the images were clear.

In a weird sort of way, it felt good to see Dr. Smith again. (She was the doc who performed the first biopsy of my right forearm a year ago.) It felt like I was home. The MRI revealed a sizeable tumor in my right calf. She said she could see why I was in a good bit of pain. However, the good news is that it is located in my small calf muscle, not my large one. It is located deep in the muscle belly but not close to any important anatomy. I also found out I won't be lying on my stomach for the procedure (which I was greatly concerned about due to my back pain). The incision will be on the inner calf. Smith felt like this would be a straightforward resection, and I could go home afterwards. Hooray!! All of these answers were huge!

She also wrote me a script for a lidocaine patch to try out on my back. I am wearing it now with a large patch on my back and two strips wrapped around my ribs to my sternum. I believe I felt some relief initially but it has definitely worn off. We'll see if they help in the days of waiting for stereotactic radiation.

Dr. Smith will resect the tumor in my calf at Mercy tomorrow at 8am. I will check-in at 6am.

Wonderful news from MDA. We heard back from them!! God opened the scheduling doors we asked Him to yesterday. We will be heading there next week for MRIs, an appt with Dr. Brown and simulation for the stereotactic radiation (which will hopefully take place the following week).

Tuesday, May 6 at 8pm - MRI of hip/pelvis
Wednesday, May 7 at 5pm - MRI of full spine
Thursday, May 8 at 1pm - Appt with Dr. Brown
Thursday, May 8 at 3pm - Stereotactic simulation

Although it took almost two weeks of silence and frustration, God is moving mountains for me to receive the treatment necessary to get these tumors removed quickly so I can move forward with the full-on, aggressive holistic therapy my Tulsa doc recommends. I am so ready for the pain to be removed, the tumors to die and the healing to begin. I am so thankful for these answers to prayer.

When Dr. Smith walked into the exam room today, she showed us the MRI image of the large tumor residing in my calf. I gasped inwardly at the horrific mass. Even on a computer screen, its presence looked ominous. However, as Smith relayed the news of its location and its impending death, my heart felt a calm come over it. I clearly sensed the Lord reminding me, "I've got this." Even in the pain, in the questions, in the waiting, He was telling me, "Do not be afraid. Do not despair at what you feel and see. I am greater. I am the Healer. I am still guiding you down My path."

As I was praying about what to write today, the Lord gave me the song, "Spring is Coming," by Steven Curtis Chapman. I have always gravitated to the simplicity and hope in the lyrics. I pray it encourages your heart on whatever journey the Lord has set you upon as well.

Friends, another tumor will see its death tomorrow. I, for one, am ecstatic. Hopefully, in two more weeks, another tumor will receive its death knell. Doomsday is coming for this ugly cancer. God is greater. . . spring is coming.


-- For Dr. Smith and all of the staff involved in tomorrow's surgery. For wisdom and accuracy. For a complication-free procedure with a clean resection of the tumor. For healing to begin the moment it is removed.

-- For continued grace to deal with the constant nerve pain in my back. For God to relieve it and provide rest & relief whenever possible - especially with travel to/from MDA and to/from Tulsa for IV infusions.

-- For the staff at MDA dealing with scans, especially Dr. Brown. For an accurate assessment on what is plaguing my back and how to eradicate it for good. That all of the previously treated areas to be cancer-free and growing bone.

-- When my mind wanders, I think about the spots in my lungs and I begin to fear "what if." I do not want fear to rule my emotions because God is not a God of fear and fear does not help to heal. Pray for faith in the Father to handle everything from this new holistic therapy to spots.

-- For God to maximize every good thing I am putting in my body from infusions to supplements. Let the healing begin.

-- For continued wisdom and trust every step of the way.


  1. praying and praising God for these mountains He is moving and the love and peace He is giving you! Love you friend!

  2. I'm also praying for you and I praise God for the things he has done for you. He is so wonderful and who could love you more??? He's opening doors and sending blessings. I'm praying they continually come and that you are blessed beyond measure Kelsey. Keep your awesome spirit and fight up!!! You've got God's army on your side and God himself...if you have to go through this, I can't think of a better army to have. Praise Him. I will continue to praise Him for the blessings He is giving you...and we will continue to be warriors, praying without ceasing along side of you and your family...Love you. <3...Tammie Mouser

  3. Just wanted you to know we ha e you on our prayer list at Morning Star United Methodist Church. You are in our prayers for healing and peace as you deal with your journey. I just recently fojnd your blog and will be giving a weekly update to your prayer warriors from our church. Blessings to you today! Johnita Gloden

  4. Praying the surgery went well and that post-op healing has already begun. Praying for your back pain - praising Him for the miracle of getting you in to MDA so quickly!

  5. Continued love and prayers for you and your family.
    Johnny & Leda McNabb

  6. Praying for you now, tomorrow and the rest of the week~~~. Love you so much! Janie