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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Updates! Get your updates!

Hey all, a guest post from Chris. I know, I know, disappointing, but perhaps better than no post at all. Kelsey is sad that she has not been able to post, but she has recently been experiencing the worst pain she has ever felt, so has not felt like sitting down and writing a post. In the spirit of my being a guy, I will probably be a bit more brief than Kelsey, but in the spirit of trying to love and honor my wife's wishes, I will try to give you some details as well. And, when she is feeling better, she can add more details as she sees fit.

Time in Tulsa

We were very encouraged to meet with the doctor and all of his staff in Tulsa. It was wonderfully refreshing to walk in the door to an enthusiastic, "You must be Kelsey" and a big hug for both of us from the office manager. That definitely doesn't happen everyday at MDA! Adding in the spiritual component was wonderfully refreshing as well. Each person we met mentioned that they would be praying for us and would love to hear updates along the way so that they could be specifically praying. We learned some good information from the doctor - some nutrient deficiencies to focus on, some areas of her body that are a bit stressed from cancer and chemotherapy, and some ways that we can seek to address those issues through nutrition. It was wonderfully refreshing to hear the doctor's "mini sermon" (as he called it). He encouraged us to be praying and seeking what God would have us do now to serve Him. The doctor went on to say that as far as he knows, there is no difference between Kelsey's life expectancy and his, and that we should start off every day asking, "Father, what can I do today to serve you." We walked away encouraged, with some good information about how we can get her body healthy and with the doctor's blessing to "take some wind out of the sails" of the cancer by getting the tumor along her T6 and T7 treated and the tumor in her right calf removed. Kelsey asked how hopeful the doctor was that we could address Kelsey's cancer. He said that he was encouraged with her blood work, with her age, and with the fact that she has really had a minimal amount of treatment. He also said that her strong will probably won't hurt either and that serving a big God is the best part of the equation.

Time in Edmond

So, two IVs, several hugs, more information than we could hope to process right away, and a colonic for Kelsey, we were on the road back to Edmond. Kelsey rested on the drive home, but it was quite apparent as we were getting closer to Edmond that she was in a whole bunch of pain. Over the last few days Kelsey has rested due to the intense pain she has been experiencing. She has moved between the bed and a chair until sitting becomes too uncomfortable and then she moves back to the bed to rest. She met with a radiation oncologist at Mercy on Friday who said that she could get Kelsey connected with a doctor that does cyber knife radiation (fairly similar to stereotactic radiation) here in OKC. We have reached out to Dr. Brown (stereotactic) and Dr. Lin (surgery on her right forearm) at MDA to see about scheduling there to try to get her in. Kelsey really trusts both of them as they have both done some great work so far.

And beyond . . .

We spent a fun afternoon today here in Norman with all of Kelsey's family. Kelsey did well most of the day until the evening when her pain medication started to wear off. Very special to have an Easter celebration with them - remembering the incredible miracle of Christ's resurrection and praying that in a similar way, Kelsey's body can be raised up from this death of cancer to serve God in ways we would have never dreamed possible.

Please be praying

As always, we so appreciate your prayers. Walking through this with hope would be impossible without your prayers, love and support.

-- Pain. Kelsey has recently started taking Lyrica, which seems to be helping with the pain in her back and calf more than other medications, but it also tends to make her a bit drowsy. Pray that the pain is manageable during this time of waiting to hear from MDA and making decisions about the next steps - intense pain saps Kelsey's desire to fight. She mentioned tonight that each step she takes now carries a reminder that the tumor is growing in her calf since each step is painful.

-- Divinely quick turnaround times at MDA. Since Kelsey is in such pain, the sooner she can get in to get treatment for her spine and calf, the better. Also, the sooner she has these procedures done, the sooner we can start on the full regimen of treatments from our doctor in Tulsa.

-- Wisdom. Treatment here in OKC, treatment in Houston? Can we do more infusions while we wait? How can we be creative with healthy foods for Kelsey so that she doesn't get burned out on eating the same thing all the time? How can we serve God now and in the days to come?

-- Rest. Pray that Kelsey can get rest and that it will be used to continue to restore her body so that she can bounce back quickly from a round of radiation and surgery.

-- Healing. God raised Christ from the dead - allowing we who were dead in our sins to have a restored relationship with him. Healing Kelsey of a cancer for which traditional medicine has no good answer is no big deal at all in His eyes. We seek to serve Him now and in every day that He may give us.


  1. Thanks for the update Chris and the ways to pray specifically. So glad the Tulsa Drs. were encouraging and continued to point you back to Christ!

  2. Always praying for all of you.
    Johnny & Leda McNabb

  3. I'm so sorry about the pain! I sure pray they can help relieve that soon!

    I'm so happy to hear about your Tulsa experience!

  4. Thank you so much for the update. Prayers & (((HUGS))) always ~ Love from McAlester

  5. Chris, thank you for all this information. I think about the Kennedys all the time, and it's always good to know what to pray for. Love knowing that you've found a terrific new doc you trust, and is on board with all aspects of healing. God speed. --Andy T.

  6. Thanks Chris for the detailed status on Kels. Praying for her & your families as you surround her with strength & encouragement to perverse & beat this ugly cancer.