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Monday, May 5, 2014

“Hair” we go again

At 8:30am tomorrow we will depart for three days at MDA land. I have been waiting almost three weeks for this trip and am so thankful we are finally moving forward. We have a makeshift bed for me in the back of the minivan we’ve been using for trips to Tulsa. Now, we’ll see if with the bed, narcotics and oodles of God’s grace, I can make it 6+ hrs to Houston. There is so much more I want to say about God’s amazing provision over the past week, but this will be a speedy post . . . most of the posts will be until we can eliminate this pain (for good), and that’s definitely the biggest prayer request.


6:30pm – Blood work
7:15pm – Check-in for MRI of hip/pelvis
8:00pm – MRI of hip/pelvis

4:15PM – Check-in for MRI of full spine (C/T/L)
5-7:00pm – MRI of full spine
** This will be a doozie esp with my pain, please be praying.

9:45am – Appt with Dr. Brown
3:00pm – Simulation (for stereotactic radiation)

**Please note, this will be the following week, not this Friday.
2:30 pm – Stereotactic radiation


A sweet pic of Aunt Hol and Alexa Hope “working” mama’s crutches.


-- Pain management – I know this seems redundant but the pain I am experiencing is more than I have endured thus far. It is pretty sad when pain from my calf resection is a non-issue compared to my back pain. I am currently taking 10mg of Hydrocodone every 4 hrs, Lyrica every 12 hrs and wearing 3 Lidocaine patches every other 12 hours. I am so ready for this pain to be eliminated. My life in a recliner and/or bed just isn’t living. I’m pleading with the Lord to be cancer-free and feel good again. Grace, grace, grace.

-- Safety of travel. Pop and Alexa will be staying in Dallas this go ‘round, so pray for them as well as Mommy who is sad she will be missing her girl.

-- Grace to lay still during the MRIs – especially the lengthy MRI of my full spine. I had a momentary panic attack last time I had one in January, so I am deeply concerned about my ability to lay still during this procedure as my pain has elevated.

-- Wisdom for Dr. Brown and his staff to know exactly what is going on in my back and for it to be treatable with stereotactic radiation. We don’t want them to miss anything. Our heart’s cry is no more cancer in my spine!

-- We are also asking the Lord that the previously treated areas are healing and cancer-free. I have had troubling pain in my “treated” left hip/pelvis. I am hoping it is due to the fact I have been putting so much weight on that side of my body in light of my tumor resection.

-- For complete healing of my right calf. For it to remain cancer-free from here on out. I can put some weight on my right leg but am still unable to take a step with my complete weight on it. We’ll unveil the wound site for the first time on Wednesday. I have a follow-up with Dr. Smith, Thursday, May 13.

-- As always, we are boldly asking the Lord for total, complete healing and a cancer-free body in 2014.

-- We are almost full swing into the holistic therapy. It is intense. Prayers that everything going into my body is attacking bad cells, healing my weakened body, and “beefing” up all of my good cells. Death to dirty cancer. More on my therapy in another post . . .


Had to share these beauties. My sweet friend, Shanna, brought them to me yesterday. White tulips are my absolute favorite flower in the world. I carried them in my wedding, and when we are independently wealthy, I will have them in my house every day. Ha!! Ty Shanna. I’m smiling.


  1. Praying for the long drive down (which may be over?) and esp for the back MRI wednesday -- praying for peace and against panic attacks! Praising Him with you that you are surrounded by such wonderful family and friends. Those white tulips made me smile too!

  2. Praying for your mri that you can be still and know that he is God also praying that he will flood you with his peace that instead of fear and panic there would be sweet fellowship with Jesus. Love you immensely, Sister.