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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

More cancer - more discouragement

Once again, not the news we were praying for today. This afternoon, the Tulsa doctor shared some hard news with Kelsey - it appeared from the chest x-ray the cancer in her lungs may be spreading. I was not there when the news was shared, but it sounds like it may be in the two lower lobes of her lungs (I'll talk with the doctor more tomorrow for clarification). One things seems to be certain, it is not disappearing. This explains why Kelsey has been coughing up some blood in her mucous.

He ordered another round of blood work to compare her stats now versus a month ago to see if there is progress being made on the treatment. He did share with Kelsey and Marilyn it is not time to give up, we have really only just begun more holistic treatment. He said it is time to fight.

In other news, the colonic went well for her today, so we are grateful that was not a painful procedure as it is a somewhat awkward position and not as cushy as a bed or recliner. The roundtrip to Tulsa was not as painful as the trip from Houston to Coppell last Friday, which is a big praise!

We continue to unashamedly ask for bold and persistent prayer. At the end of the day, God is the ultimate healer and we know He can heal Kelsey. Here are our requests:

-- Healing - complete and total healing. No more spread of cancer and wisdom on the part of doctors to know how to get this cancer under control.

-- Encouragement, hope and a sense of purpose for Kelsey. After a calf tumor resection and dealing with the pain and long process of getting the stereotactic radiation, this was definitely not the news she wanted to hear.

-- A good appetite for Kelsey - she is definitely not gaining weight, it would be healthy for her to do so.

-- Wisdom on our part to know the best way to continue to fight.

-- Kelsey will start at-home IV infusions again tomorrow. Pray for complication-free, highly effective therapy.


  1. Praying the Lord will encourage you AND heal you

  2. Praying you'll be encouraged. Pleading with the ultimate Healer to heal you! Love you guys. Keep on keeping on!

  3. Joining with all those warriors for our God to do a mighty wok in her body!

  4. Please know that St. Andrew's of McKinney is Praying for you as is our Daughters of the King. Our prayer are that you feel his love and comfort and those of your family and friends also feel it. We pray that though him your doctors will have guidance to heel your body. We pray for you through Jesus Christ our Lord!

  5. Dearest Kelsey and family: We are praying for your comfort and complete healing continually. May God's peace, power and love infuse you and your family. Keep on trucking. Many thousands are petioning the Lord on your behalf. Love you, Sharl and Doug Taylor

  6. Know that we hold you tight in our heart and prayers always ~ Blessings and (((HUGS))) form McAlester

  7. Emily & I care. We pray regularly. Oh, God! Hear our prayers.

  8. I have looked everyday for another post, have been praying for the strength and focus of Jesus in your lives. It is devastating news to us all, and we are in constant prayer for you to feel God's peace and know He is in control of His plan. Love you all. Blessings from Nancy Streeter.

  9. Kelsey, continue to be the warrior for Chris,t with grace aplenty, we see when you blog. We do have a BIG GOD and His plans are always perfect! We will continue with out prayers for all of you! Much Love!!!