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Friday, May 31, 2013

Quick update

This is a very quick update before heading to bed. Several praises:
-- Kelsey is a good candidate for stereotactic radiation on her C7 vertebrae.
-- Dr. Brown and his staff were a pleasure to work with today and were very helpful in answering our questions.
-- We had an appointment already scheduled for the necessary pre-treatment imaging and simulation (it will be at 3:00 tomorrow and last approximately 2 hours), so there will be no wait on scheduling.

More to come when we are less sleepy, but it was an encouraging visit (also sobering to know that the actual treatment will be starting quite soon). Thanks as always for your prayers! We'll have more specifics soon. We just wanted to keep our prayer warriors informed!


  1. Thanks for the specifics. Praying He continues to sustain you, physically, mentally, emotionally. Love you guys!

  2. Thanks so much for the update. So glad Kelsey qualified for the treatment. Keeping the prayers coming. Love you. sharl and doug taylor

  3. Kelsey, your pictures are such an encouragement to me - one who loves you like a Mother. Continually praying. We sang a song in church yesterday and the words made me think of you and your situation - How Firm a Foundation. Love you. T & J

  4. Johnny and I are always praying for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    God loves you and so do we!
    Johnny & Leda McNabb