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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Our return to MD Anderson

Here is quick update from yesterday's trip to MD Anderson. Kelsey did a great job with her C-spine MRI. They were running a bit behind when we checked in, but we were still able to meet with Dr. Benjamin after the scan (we actually started talking with him around 7:15).  We don't really have a whole lot of new information, but we were able to have several questions answered about Kelsey's upcoming treatment plan. If all goes according to plan (and God does mighty things), the course to eradicate her cancer will include targeted radiation to her C7 vertebrae, chemotherapy and surgery to remove the primary tumor in her right forearm. Dr. Benjamin mentioned the possibility of radiation on her forearm prior to surgery as well as a second round of chemotherapy after surgery. He reminded us once again, this is a nasty tumor and nothing has been developed to specifically target this type of tumor. Dr. Benjamin was able to review the MRI images from Kelsey's full spine and feels confident the only area of her spine needing treatment is her C7 vertebrae, which is a praise! Kelsey felt more comfortable with Dr. Benjamin this visit. He even gave her a big hug after the appointment.

Tomorrow will be our meeting with Dr. Brown to determine whether Kelsey is a good candidate for stereotactic spine radiation. Dr. Benjamin said he definitely knows his stuff and will be able to make that call. Dr. Benjamin was encouraged to see the cancer is contained entirely in her C7 vertebrae and is not close to her spinal cord. We hope tomorrow will provide more answers and direction for Kelsey's first round of treatment. If she is a good candidate, Kelsey will go in Friday for pre-treatment imaging. We've been told we'll know a bit more tomorrow about the timeline (when treatment would start, how long to wait between that treatment and the start of chemotherapy).

Prayer requests:
-- Kelsey would be a good candidate for stereotactic radiation treatment and it would be effective in killing the cancer in her C7 vertebrae with no side effects.
-- Pain management. The tumor on Kelsey's arm has grown and is becoming more painful (especially at night). She is not supposed to take over the counter pain medication during any of her cancer treatment and is not too excited about the possibility of taking narcotics for several months.
-- For Kelsey to be in the best physical, mental and spiritual state possible going into this battle.
-- For wisdom in how to make life as normal as possible for Alexa - routine, discipline, expectations, etc. She has been a bit of a handful at times over the last few days.
-- For healing - miraculous or through medicine.

As we have said before, we are so grateful for your prayers and support in this time. It makes the journey so much easier knowing that we have a wonderful prayer team interceding for us each and every day. There are still many unknowns, but one thing we know for sure is that we serve a God who is completely in control and is not surprised by any of the twists and turns we have encountered over the past months.

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  1. thanks for the update and specific prayer requests!